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If you have any photos of models, please send them in. Olna Wave Chief Regent Fort Grange Gold Rover Argus Gold Ranger Fort George

1. RFA Olna with HMS Leander. Showcased at the entrance to the Dockyard Apprentices Exhibition at Portsmouth Dockyard. Photos Alex Landels.                                       


2. RFA Wave Chief by Andrew Grima and his son Ken Grima (Malta). Nearing completion. Length 5' 2". Weight 13 - 14 KG.

RAS deck and boats fitted. On power trials March 2010.

Finally! RFA Wave Chief model is ready. Plans of 'Empire Mars' (RFA Wave Duke) from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The plans had no hull lines so I had to draw them. She is 62 inches long and is made out of wood. Then the hull was fibre-glassed. I gave the necessary measurements from the plans to my father, then he did all the woodworks, the paintjobs and the riggings. Without ballast she weighs between 5kg and 6kg. With ballast she weighs approximately 14kg. This photo was taken on Monday 14th June 2010.

3. Models by Norman Hill who built these in the early 1980s and kindly supplied the photos.

The RFA Association would like to know where these are now. Contact the The Webmaster


RFA Fort Grange

RFA Gold Rover


RFA ARGUS.  Built 1990.

4. RFA Gold Ranger by Bryan Young on loan to the RFAA Archive at Bellingham.

Photo Bryan Young.

Photo Bryan Young



                     As featured in Gunline


5. RFA Fort George. In the Royal Naval Museum, Portsmouth.