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RFA Regent - 1974197 viewsRFA Regent 1974 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for 28 days then exercise in Arctic.

Centre: Choff: Tom (Twisty) McKernon, STO(N) David Young, Captain Toby Groves? Chief Engineer Bertie Hawk (later Commodore (E).

Narrative from Steve Rhodes: CAN ANYONE GIVE NAMES, L -> R / Front/Back etc?

That is Ray between the two white shirts on the extreme left as we look. I think the STO(N) is DK Young and the PTO is there - wee Hughie Bain. I also see Archie Moffatt, John Kearley and Maurice Vincent, Charlie Jones a CO from Rosyth and a SOG called Andy Anderson. On the extreme right there is a lad from Exeter called John Palmer and somewhere in there is probably Des Edwards and a Pompey lad called Brian Grice

Phot Tnx to Mike Temlett.
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RFA Fort Grange - January 1981 225 viewsBack row L to R - ??, John Sumner, Ray Harding, Marc Shreeve, ??, Howard Ormerod, Brian Evas, PTO IV.
Front row L to R - ??, Bob Baldwin, ??, Norry Brown, Tim Morris, Neville Francis

Incl. Martin Toy front row.

Pic from Marc Shreeve
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163 views2 commentsSC-UK
120 viewsSC-UK
RFA Fort Grange March 1981128 viewsHockey team.
Back Row ? Howard Ormerod Nick Evans
Front Row Marc Shreeve Nev Francis

Pic via Marc Shreeve.
RFA Fort Grange - 1981 102 viewsWho is on the jackstay ?

Pic via Marc Shreeve.
RFA Lyness STONery 1975.113 viewsBack row l to r : Tony Tarrant, SOG D. John Packer, CO. Terry Vine, SOG D. Geoff Williams, ASTO(N). Allan Shaw, CO.
Mid row l to r : Bob Patterson, SOG C. Brian Harris, DSTO(N). Gerry Philp, STO(N). Ron Edmunds, SOG C.
Front row l to r : Sid Bennett, CO. Alec Thompson, SOG D. Malcolm Huntingdon SOG D.

Pic via John Packer.
RFA Regent - Capetown 1973250 viewsThe BEFORE & AFTER / THEN & NOW.
BEFORE: Messrs Hamlyn, Walters, Jago.
AFTER: Messrs Ray Jago (STON Joiner) (81), Eric Hamlyn (76), Phil Walters (73).
RFA Fort Grange STO(N) Dept - 1993 Operation Grapple - Yugoslavia318 viewsNote: names not 100% correct for positions:

Back - ?, Ray Evans, Trevor Morris, Jonathan Frost, ?, Graham Davis, Keith Dunkley, Lee, Mick Green, ?, Herbie Tam

Middle - Willie McIness, ?, Mike Marshall, ?, ?,Trev Cooper, Andy May , Dave, Peter Scallon, Phil, Ainsley Tapper, Mike Owen, Neil Rowney, Vic Ritchie

Front - Tom Darroch, Jim Morgan, Bob Harris, Derek Nash, Martyn Toy ,Dave Evans, Pete Roberts (STON), Neil Baker, Andy Hunt, Pat McTeague, David Campbell, Paul Reynolds, Andrew Pozzi
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RFA Resource245 viewsRFA Resource flight deck, South Atlantic 1982Ayresome
174 viewsRFA Resource flight deck, South Atlantic 1982Ayresome
Resource251 viewsJaws, Dave Dunn, Zorba, RFA Resource, South Atlantic 19822 commentsAyresome
RFA Resource214 viewsJaws, Jimmy Goldie & John RFA Resource, South Atlantic 19821 commentsAyresome
RFA Regent - 1987250 viewsPeter Jukes (STO(N)), Dave, Paul, Tony and Stan December 1987 Gib.1 commentsSC-UK
RFA Regent - 1987310 viewsL - R Ian Chatten, Alex Sterling, Richard Board, Tony Powesland and Dave Evans (Gib 1987 ?) Tnx to 'CornishPasty' for names.3 commentsSC-UK
RFA Regent - 1987230 viewsDecember 1987, incl John Cheshire -AO3 VS & Mark Taylor AO2 NS2 commentsSC-UK
RFA Regent - 1987224 viewsJohn Cheshire, Tom Marchbanks A01, Mark Taylor (as at 2018: living in WA?)
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RFA Regent - 1987224 viewsPaul, Keiran and Neil. 2 commentsSC-UK
RFA Regent - 1987167 viewsNeil, Keiran - December 1987 in Gib.SC-UK
Mike Harris - RFA Resource - 1993217 viewsMike Harris SA1 STON Dept RFA Resource 1993 at the Island of Brac CroatiaSC-UK
David Gray, STON - RFA Resource 1974293 viewsDavid Gray, STON - RFA Resource 1974
RFA Resource picture (maiden voyage) from RFANostalgia-Ships RAC collection.
RFA Fort Grange - 1983360 viewsJohn Woodman - RFA Fort Grange, San Carlos, Falklands 1983SC-UK
RFA Resource - STON 1986522 viewsFull list of names awaited.1 commentsSC-UK
RFA Fort Rosalie, 2004512 viewsRay Fogerty EMA - "Foggy" when RFA Fort Rosalie crossed the Equator on the way to Namibia in 2004. Foggy was a policeman that day.1 commentsSC-UK
RFA Fort Rosalie, 2004544 viewsLeft: Barry Hodgkins SSK aka Hubcaps, Mid: Ray "Foggy" Fogerty, Right: someone from AED Flight.1 commentsSC-UK
1982 - Jab Time.533 viewsFour STON staff having jabs prior to joining ships for the Falklands War. All from RNAD Ernesettle Plymouth.
As at 2016-Nov, persons identified as:
L-to-R: Vic Brady, John Kearly, Mike Smith and Terry Pinhey. (caption on original is incorrect).
RFA Stromness - 1981580 viewsPic. from Steve Balmond.1 commentsSC-UK
RFA Stromness - 1982475 viewsPics from Steve Balmond.1 commentsSC-UK
RFA Stromness - 1982 431 viewsSouth Georgia Areas.1 commentsSC-UK
RFA Stromness - 1982 533 viewsPics from Steve Balmond.2 commentsSC-UK
RFA Stromness - 1982 437 viewsPics from Steve Balmond.1 commentsSC-UK
RFA Stromness - 1982 438 viewsPics from Steve Balmond.1 commentsSC-UK
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