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Dave Butler683 views2 commentschoff08/05/21 at 22:31John Kingston: I agree with it being Jerry Whittaker and also Ric...
Hamish Choudhury, Joe Fordham & Brian Taylor547 views2 commentsAlperian08/05/21 at 21:51John Kingston: Worked the 12-4 with Joe Fordham on Wave Chief Jan...
Orangeleaf 1973 - Broken down in the South China Sea!!336 viewsL to R
Eng Cadet, JEO? Jerry Whittaker Eng Cadet,
Kevin O’Neil CEO, Mike Jamieson 2EO.

Limped back to Singapore on 5 cylinders.
1 commentsSC-UK08/05/21 at 20:34John Kingston: Other Engineer cadet looks like Rick Hudson, both ...
Orangeleaf 1973 296 viewsUp the gulf, Kuwait..
Mike 2EO, Jerry Whitaker Eng Cadet and Eng Cadet UNK
1 commentsSC-UK08/05/21 at 20:33John Kingston: Other Engineer cadet looks like Rick Hudson, both ...
John Berry509 views1 commentsAlperian04/03/20 at 06:57Steve Oatey: Ken Nichols , Mike Smith
& John Berry490 views2 commentsAlperian04/03/20 at 06:55Steve Oatey: I think that's Mike Smith
Olmeda, May 1968,at sea.679 viewsSecond engineer and Doctor, names not remembered. 1 commentsReg Barrett02/20/20 at 22:16Phillips-R: Second Engineer is Gordon Ogilvy with I think dear...
PR Photo636 viewsRon D'Souza 3EO (Not related to the others,)3 commentschoff11/16/19 at 16:33Kickstart: Don't think it's Hebe. Looks like a Rove...
Wave Chief 1974442 viewsBoat Deck Bar Port Side

Mike Jamieson 2EO, Ben 4EO, Rab Thomson RO, Chay Blyth Yacht Master, Norman Bothwell CEO.
Andy Sinclair 3EO, Geraldine Jamieson.
1 commentsSC-UK09/11/19 at 05:25Steve Oatey: I have tried for several years to remember the 4th...
John (Jock) McClelland 4EO781 viewsFort Dunvegan 1964-52 commentschoff07/04/19 at 19:43Clankie: A great pal of mine, when he was CEO of an “O” boa...
Bob Crockett903 viewsPearleaf 19763 commentschoff07/04/19 at 19:35Clankie: I sailed with Bob on the Empire Gull, my first 2EO...
Kris Awati436 views1 commentschoff01/16/19 at 15:21King Ratt: Srikrishna Pralad Awati.
Yam Sing510 viewsOn the left is Jimmie Mair.C.E.O. centre is Nelson ER stores.
Tristram or Lancelot.
3 commentschoff01/16/19 at 15:16King Ratt: I stand corrected, a bit late in replying but it i...
Bob Crockett903 viewsPearleaf 19763 commentschoff11/01/17 at 18:59King Ratt: Also sailed twice with Bob. Recall him and second ...
Bob Crockett903 viewsPearleaf 19763 commentschoff10/30/17 at 12:00robinbailey: Sailed with Bob twice. Told me he applied for his ...
At sea ,booze up with the officers of the RN helicopter. July 1968974 viewsKen Morton acting the goat covered in name tags.2 commentsReg Barrett07/01/17 at 15:22Reg Barrett: I think I have the wrong name, it is Les Morton, C...
Dave Butler683 views2 commentschoff04/16/17 at 19:00Tedeagling: And Jerry Whittaker?
Bob Platt869 viewsResurgent or Plumleaf c. 1978 12 commentsbahamasjustin04/01/17 at 01:04bahamasjustin: Finally figured this one out - it was Resurgent in...
Tidesurge - 1967963 viewsJamie ashore in the Blue Light Bar, Sembawang... wasn't that in Boogie Street? 3 commentsSC-UK01/16/17 at 13:20SC-UK: Two dolla... + VAT = 2.40 !
Tidesurge - 1967963 viewsJamie ashore in the Blue Light Bar, Sembawang... wasn't that in Boogie Street? 3 commentsSC-UK01/16/17 at 11:39King Ratt: Onry two dolla.
Tidesurge - 1967963 viewsJamie ashore in the Blue Light Bar, Sembawang... wasn't that in Boogie Street? 3 commentsSC-UK01/13/17 at 07:04SC-UK: Mike, you buy me sticky drink, 2 dollar 40 cents.
Alec Redpath587 views1 commentschoff12/28/16 at 14:30Clankie: Correct and Pete Hougham, a Chatham Royal Dockyard...
Tidereach 1965674 views Names of some are Pat Fleming(2nd.Eng) Bob Gilston (3rd.Eng) Graham Egleton (4th. Eng)and Fred Kazak (Junior Eng)
I cannot remember the names of the others. Chief Eng is on the right on bended knee.
Big lad behind Pat, J.E.O. Ron Woolmer.
1 commentschoff12/28/16 at 14:21Clankie: L to R, Fred Kazak, Graham Eggleton, Bob Gilston, ...
Retainer Singapore 1963/64884 viewsL to R Ivor Skentlebury J/E, Fred Young (Ex Doxford's apprentice in Sunderland) S4/Eng, John Boyd 2Elec. (includes the Indonesian Spies).2 commentsReg Barrett12/28/16 at 12:56SC-UK: An ANON comment received by RFANostalgia... "...
Japan,Retainer,1964652 viewsBarry Northmore J4/E, can't remember, Mike Jamieson and Ivor Skentlebury J/E from Looe in Cornwall1 commentsReg Barrett12/28/16 at 10:54Clankie: Barry Northmore J4/E, can't remember, Me, and...
Tidereach 19651147 viewsjust off to 10 course Chinese lunch - Singapore
Geoff Worham JEO, Robin Harvey JEO, Bob Gilston 3rd EO, Dave Harvey? 3rd EO, Sandy Mitchell Elec O, ? Cadet, Roger Blackman JEO
3 commentsgiglamps12/27/16 at 22:23Clankie: I think it was Dave Harvey 3/E.
NAAFI Plymouth August 1963, dockyard training prior to going to sea for first time.684 viewsBack row far right Reg Barrett, third right Joe Whittaker, can't remember the others, all engineer cadets.1 commentsReg Barrett12/27/16 at 22:18Clankie: Yes correct on Reg and Joe, for interest Joe marri...
Retainer Singapore 1963/64551 viewsSandy Peterson, professional third engineer talking to Eric Forsyth?1 commentsReg Barrett12/27/16 at 22:11Clankie: Yes that is Sandy Peterson, 3/E along with Eric Fo...
Retainer Singapore 1963/64572 viewsEric Forsyth third engineer.1 commentsReg Barrett12/27/16 at 22:09Clankie: Yes another Retainer engineer, Sandy Peterson was ...
Retainer Singapore 1963/64662 viewsBarry Northmore from Plymouth. JEO-4thEng.1 commentsReg Barrett12/27/16 at 22:05Clankie: Nearly correct, Barry Northmore from Plymouth, sti...
Retainer Singapore 1963/64634 viewsMike Jammeson Engineer cadet1 commentsReg Barrett12/27/16 at 19:41Clankie: That's me 52 years ago!! Wonder who took this...
Tideflow 396 viewsBrian Johns?1 commentschoff12/27/16 at 15:05Clankie: It looks like Brian Johns from Plymouth. He marrie...
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