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Captain-Tastic735 viewsCan you name all of these Captains ?1 commentsALC203/02/14 at 14:47admin: Not quite. Selby, ?, Booth, Donkersley, Lamb, Huxl...
Chiu Yiu Nam GM, 1949 - 20121090 viewsOn the 8th June 1982 at Fitzroy CHIU YIU NAM was serving aboard the LSL Sir Galahad when it was attacked by Argentine Skyhawk and Mirage Aircraft. Two bombs scored direct hits.
Within minutes Sir Galahad was burning fiercely and the order was given to abandon ship. Despite the exodus of those about him, seeing the peril of some soldiers trapped by the fire, CHIU chose to
disobey the order. He donned an asbestos suit, knowing that in a conflagration of such fierceness it provided only partial protection, and disappeared into the flames and smoke. He returned with one man and having delivered him safely to the rescuers plunged back into the flames. He continued without regard for his own danger or fatigue, until he had rescued all those he could find still alive.
4 commentschoff02/17/14 at 17:25admin: Chiu Yiu Nam medals sold.
Guns team RFA FORT AUSTIN 1985690 viewsNames to follow.5 commentsMick Spear08/22/12 at 06:27admin: Seems to be a difference of opinion on the man hol...
Long Course 1970562 views2 commentschoff05/28/12 at 14:08admin: RIP "Mac" Cunningham. Funeral arrangemen...
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