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Last comments - VERS2012
Another Purser Course 1971853 viewsFront row from the left.
Alfie Kendall, Horace Cox, ? CS, Miss MB Jenkin (DGDA12/RFA), ?CS, Capt Butterworth, Civil Servant, ?, John Mc Crystall, Ben Holmes.
Back Row. Ray Walters, Dennis Scougall, Mike Taylor, Terry Shaw, Colin McKillop , John Littlechild ? ? "Tab Nab" Taylor?, Maurice Mann, Tony Sherlock, Ted Crilley,George Baldacchino ?, ?
Brian Reid, Warren Perkins. Can you fill in any of the blanks?
3 commentschoff03/17/15 at 06:47VERS2012: The lady sitting at the front is Miss Jenkin she w...
RFA Tidepool Mess Dinner722 viewsRFA Tidepool Mess Dinner in honour of Victor J Cooney CEO. Gibraltar, Sunday 14th October 19795 commentsBuckholst09/28/12 at 04:56VERS2012: Below Rex Cooper Gordon Gibb??
Warsash Management Course 1984766 viewsFrom Brian Ley9 commentschoff08/09/12 at 10:41VERS2012: Third from the left front row senior electrical of...
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