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Last comments - Mick Spear
Capt. David Gerrard.1087 viewsRemembering Capt.David Gerrard (RFA Retd), Falklands Veteran, Webmaster of this site, RFANostalgia (Ships), RFAA (Plymouth), THN, friend and all round Good Bloke.4 commentsSC-UK03/11/16 at 11:51Mick Spear: RIP David. To Echo Rab's comments. It is good...
Alan Bond James Smith Eddie Diggins 577 viewsDubai July 19922 commentschoff06/28/15 at 17:41Mick Spear: I am sure i this was whilst on Brambleleaf. I reme...
James Render Alan Bond Matt Burton Georgina Bishop 639 viewsRFA Fort George1 commentschoff06/28/15 at 17:36Mick Spear: James Render far left.
Oggies for the Gulf War589 viewsPhoto courtesy of Ivor Dewdney.3 commentschoff05/17/15 at 18:53Mick Spear: Certainly looks like Colin Grylls. However i would...
Another Purser Course 1971729 viewsFront row from the left.
Alfie Kendall, Horace Cox, ? CS, Miss MB Jenkin (DGDA12/RFA), ?CS, Capt Butterworth, Civil Servant, ?, John Mc Crystall, Ben Holmes.
Back Row. Ray Walters, Dennis Scougall, Mike Taylor, Terry Shaw, Colin McKillop , John Littlechild ? ? "Tab Nab" Taylor?, Maurice Mann, Tony Sherlock, Ted Crilley,George Baldacchino ?, ?
Brian Reid, Warren Perkins. Can you fill in any of the blanks?
3 commentschoff04/19/15 at 19:05Mick Spear: Maybe John Littlechild: back row 6th from left.
Mike Owen and Scott Fenton488 views4 commentschoff05/30/13 at 19:39Mick Spear: It's Mike Owen for sure, and the other looks ...
Tony Barnes, Mike Owen, Brian Fowler, Dave Norris, Phil Allan, Henry Nicol, Bob Kelly.437 views3 commentschoff05/30/13 at 13:00Mick Spear: Back row Far left is MM1 Tony Barnes, obviously ga...
Kevin Bloomfield, Carolyn Potter, ? 359 views1 commentschoff05/30/13 at 12:57Mick Spear: Kevin Bllomfield, Carolyn Potter, ?
Jimmy Linton, Kevin Bloomfield, Bob Kelly and Tommy McAlpine 415 viewsSeamans Mission Dubai 2 commentschoff05/29/13 at 21:20Mick Spear: jimmy Linton (Chippy); Kevin Bloomfield? STO(N) Fi...
Blues Brothers Fort Grange 1986 731 viewsWe're on a mission from God!
Including Rod Marshall, Barry Thompson, Bob Roullier, Geoff Stokes, Jim Devine, Paul Minter, Alan Storey and Ian Simmonds .
5 commentschoff05/19/13 at 18:23Mick Spear: Paul Minter - standing at the back third from righ...
Tidespring459 viewsSunday Lunchtime Drinkypoos on the Monkey Island1 commentschoff05/10/13 at 20:16Mick Spear: Topless chap looks like Derek woodgate.
Steve Lloyd ?360 viewsFort Rosalie 2004
Latest thinking is is that this is Steve Lloyd (SOGC) not Phil Lloyd (Supply)
4 commentschoff05/10/13 at 20:13Mick Spear: Can't be Phil Lloyd, T-Shirt and watch is def...
Fort Grange in the Pyramids, 1995.475 viewsSTON Nicholson, SA1 Cooper, Mechanic Martin Ball, QM Inker & Unknown (probably Mechanic).1 commentschoff03/07/13 at 10:31Mick Spear: Martin Ball in the middle
Mick Spear and Jerry Sharpe815 views2 commentsMick Spear12/18/12 at 23:56Mick Spear: The Agency post has been done away with. The Agenc...
Ian Finlayson and Eric Hambling716 viewsFirst trip JEOs Resurgent 74/75.1 commentsfinners12/16/12 at 23:14Mick Spear: Nice photo. Two good guys.
Football match Cardigan Bay v Fort Victoria432 viewsFootball match 20121 commentsMick Spear12/15/12 at 20:27Mick Spear: Guy with Cup RN LS Ross McFadden, LH AA Jackie Tod...
Geoff Stokes 658 viewsFort Grange Xmas 86, bet you I can drink a pint without using my hands.2 commentsfinners12/12/12 at 04:54Mick Spear: Looks like Terry Holtham in the background, his fa...
Ralph Wara386 views CPO Deck. Pic taken May/June 2012. Phot courtesy of John Picknett2 commentsMick Spear12/07/12 at 06:13Mick Spear: Dave G, i entered the wrong name it is in fact Ral...
Tarbatness Wedding - Capt James Bailey725 views3 commentsTedeagling11/30/12 at 02:51Mick Spear: Any additional info on this pic?
Joe Nixon 328 views1 commentschoff10/23/12 at 11:39Mick Spear: Joe Nixon
Mark Stribling, Michael Photieo, Alastair Ruthven 446 viewsRFA Regent Catering Dept & Ships Plumber 1980

1 commentschoff10/05/12 at 18:33Mick Spear: On the left is Mark Stribling, a great guy to sail...
Mark Stribling443 viewsRFA TIDEPOOL 19822 commentsMick Spear08/13/12 at 14:55Mick Spear: You're right Rab a number one guy. He retired...
Guns team RFA FORT AUSTIN 1985550 viewsNames to follow.5 commentsMick Spear07/13/12 at 07:29Mick Spear: Front row: Far left Stwd Steve Snaith second from ...
Birkenhead 4 Ship Driveby399 viewsMessrs Jones, Leighton, Williamson, Drew, Walworth, Owen and Lumsden.1 commentsALC207/09/12 at 21:36Mick Spear: Nice pic, well done Rupert.
Motormen and AB1670 views? (looks like Taffy Farram, MM1 Lee Haford and SG1A Eing Stothard. Pic late 80s early 90s2 commentsMick Spear07/02/12 at 21:02Mick Spear: I don't know the location Dave. I will find o...
Steward Stan Bone and friends, Stan Rowden ...423 views4 commentschoff06/26/12 at 09:43Mick Spear: No not Joan the bone, joan was a different bone - ...
Mark Antoine and Helen Crawford469 viewsRFA Fort Austin 19971 commentschoff05/25/12 at 08:13Mick Spear: Mark antoine and Helen Crawford.
Thai Naval Golf Club395 viewsBack row: L-R ?; Alan Edworthy CEO; NAAFI Manager; Mick Spear LH (S); Ralph Ives-wara CPO(D); Mick Chadwick LH (SA).
Front row: L-R John McKee (DSTON); Captain Tony Pitt; Dennis Scougall C/O(S) and Kevin Oliver 3/O(S).
RFA Fort Austin Ocean Wave 1997. Sattahip Thailand
1 commentschoff05/21/12 at 07:47Mick Spear: Back row L-R ? Alan Edworthy CEO; NAAFI Manager; M...
Rupert Hannen, Geoff Picken and Graham Kerr404 viewsRFA Fort Austin 1997 Suez Canal 1 commentschoff05/21/12 at 07:35Mick Spear: Graham Kerr - Engineer.
Ray Healy ? PO(E)442 viewsHair cut run in Gib.
Wearing my Oakleys I suspect.
Sorry I can't remember your surname!
1 commentsciaran.jefferies05/14/12 at 09:33Mick Spear: Could be Ray Healy. Behind him is john Jones PO co...
David Soden, Malcolm Jennings and Geoff Strong 269 views2 commentschoff05/08/12 at 10:46Mick Spear: Good picture of Dave in his younger days, doesn�...
Dave Soden and Ston Amigos fm Reliant518 viewsRFA Reliant - @ South Georgia, sometime early 80s;
Chris Cook, Dave Soden and Jack Nelson.
4 commentsALC204/28/12 at 07:59Mick Spear: May i add, a young looking Dave Soden. Nice pic.
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