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Last comments - STRAWBERRY
RFA Appleleaf late 1980s705 viewsCaptain Pat and Bosun Jimmy Laird.2 commentsMick Spear05/24/13 at 14:24STRAWBERRY: I think I was in the bar at this time. A
John Higgins378 views1 commentschoff05/24/13 at 14:20STRAWBERRY: I liked John...He helped me with my seamanship ski...
Roger Robinson-Brown384 views1 commentschoff05/24/13 at 14:18STRAWBERRY: Another real Gent of my past. I sailed with Roger ...
Peter Breeze498 views1 commentsPaul Dyer05/24/13 at 14:14STRAWBERRY: Peter Breeze was a Real Gentleman! I sailed with h...
301 views1 commentschoff05/24/13 at 14:10STRAWBERRY: John 'Hammy' ???
Jeff Nutt ....421 viewsBlue Rover1 commentschoff05/24/13 at 14:07STRAWBERRY: A young Jeff Nutt. A real gent! on the left! A
Running Repairs446 viewsNeil? & Stevie Duncan1 commentschoff05/24/13 at 14:03STRAWBERRY: Chap in the middle is Neil ? and the guy on the Ri...
Alan Armstrong Yeoman 341 viewsFort Rosalie Op Telic2 commentschoff05/24/13 at 14:00STRAWBERRY: Alan Armstrong! A
Yeoman Alan Evans and Gary McKay. 674 viewsFort Rosalie Op Telic5 commentschoff05/24/13 at 13:58STRAWBERRY: That is Alan Armstrong! A really nice Janner...He ...
RFA Tidespring Flight Deck Crew. 1986 .560 viewsLeft to right. Steve Hurrell, Pat Guinane, Murdo Mc Cloud, Ali Mohammed, Chris Vickers, Andy Straw, and First Officer Pete Breeze1 commentsSTRAWBERRY04/22/13 at 01:27STRAWBERRY: Not Sure who the Chippy was stood next to me. But ...
Roy Smith Crossing The Line 300 viewsFort Grange 1991 2 commentschoff04/15/13 at 12:48STRAWBERRY: I think the lad waiting for his dunk is Warren Bea...
Jimmy Walsh & John Higgins485 viewsGreen Rover1 commentschoff04/14/13 at 11:00STRAWBERRY: Jimmy Walsh Second from left! A
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