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Stromness Revellers525 viewsL-R. R/O Geoff Pickin,NYK, 2/O Alfie Cole, Schoolteacher Little Meg, Navs Nigel Burgess, NYK. 7 commentsKing Ratt02/07/19 at 19:21King Ratt: Names should def read from R to L
HRH with Robin Green170 views1 commentschoff01/26/19 at 20:09King Ratt: Capt Rex Cooper in middle
Kris Awati326 views1 commentschoff01/16/19 at 15:21King Ratt: Srikrishna Pralad Awati.
Yam Sing393 viewsOn the left is Jimmie Mair.C.E.O. centre is Nelson ER stores.
Tristram or Lancelot.
3 commentschoff01/16/19 at 15:16King Ratt: I stand corrected, a bit late in replying but it i...
Fred Gravelle SRO202 viewsPhoto also includes L - R Signalman, Yeoman and Fred.
RFA Stromness 1970/1
1 commentsAFNorth12/28/18 at 16:14King Ratt: Yeoman possibly Paddy O’Brian and SRO Fred Gravil,...
Bob Crockett720 viewsPearleaf 19763 commentschoff11/01/17 at 18:59King Ratt: Also sailed twice with Bob. Recall him and second ...
Peter Taylor490 views1 commentschoff10/21/17 at 21:35King Ratt: And David Pitt
Mark Sutton511 viewsMark Sutton SRO, RFA Tarbatness, Xmas 19771 commentsianp10/07/17 at 21:40King Ratt: The SRO who dubbed me King Ratt in Tidesurge 1968
Dave Smith642 viewsPearleaf1 commentsKing Ratt10/07/17 at 21:31King Ratt: Taken in Pearleaf 1968
Tidesurge - 1967732 viewsJamie ashore in the Blue Light Bar, Sembawang... wasn't that in Boogie Street? 3 commentsSC-UK01/16/17 at 11:39King Ratt: Onry two dolla.
Tidesurge - 1966 - 1967677 viewsL to R top RonHamlyn 2/O, Peter Peterson 2/O Ned Burke C/E, Peter Gordon 4/E, Maurice Mann Sen/Scribe
L to R bot John Armstrong C/O, Ian Douglas J/RO, Mike Cramp J/Elec, Mike Jamieson J/E

Tidesurge 66-67
1 commentsSC-UK01/15/17 at 16:27King Ratt: Chief Engineer "Bo" Burke.
Wave Chief723 viewsWave Chief in Falklands 1973. Naval Party 8901 visiting.
Captain Hugo and Mrs Nelberg with CEO Norman Bothwell
Rab Thomson R/O and Andy Sinclair 3rd Eng.
7 commentsKing Ratt12/27/16 at 22:08King Ratt: Aye Mike and Geraldine. Norman was a bit of a sta...
440 viewsReignite 20072 commentschoff10/31/16 at 09:22King Ratt: John Finch in dark suit at back of picture.
310 viewsReignite 20071 commentschoff10/31/16 at 09:17King Ratt: R J Mitchell (Bob)
At Terror Pool402 viewsGrant Grafton, Brian Tarr, Harry Eve1 commentschoff10/23/16 at 10:49King Ratt: Harry Eve
Harry Carr429 views4 commentschoff10/17/16 at 18:36King Ratt: Aye Dave. I learned a lot of the doe's and do...
Harry Carr429 views4 commentschoff10/14/16 at 21:20King Ratt: Choff on Cherryleaf when I was on my first trip in...
Tom Kennedy & Simon Tudor-Jones366 viewsReignite 20071 commentschoff09/24/16 at 13:09King Ratt: Sadly both are now Silent Keys.
John Lee435 views3 commentschoff09/18/16 at 14:56King Ratt: John was a man of many talents. Able to play a sit...
Steve Dawson366 views1 commentschoff09/06/16 at 19:52King Ratt: Noswad the Bad
John McKee and Ron Savage693 viewsRFA Resurgent 1978 4 commentschoff08/05/16 at 09:05King Ratt: First met Ron when Sir Galahad was brought into se...
Toothy Wong462 views2 commentschoff07/30/16 at 21:10King Ratt: Wong Kwee Yong.Chop Ban Wo 13 1/2 milestone,,Semba...
Fort Austin 1980989 viewsDerek Holden, front left (apparently the first ever RFA Engineer cadet).
Pic. from Robin Bailey who seemed to remember Derek keeping a steering wheel under his bunk which belonged to the car he wrote off.
6 commentsSC-UK07/22/16 at 16:33King Ratt: Bottom row. Fridge Engineer Andy Stirling in middl...
RFA MAGAZINE 1934337 viewsVol 1, No. 1. March 1934.
From the Mike Day Collection.
Click image to open PDF.
1 commentschoff06/16/16 at 21:27King Ratt: I like the "Tale of the Sea-Modern Style"...
Rupert Hannen447 views2 commentschoff05/21/16 at 12:05King Ratt: Hello Old Bean. Hope you are in good shape.
Sir Percivale - 1992587 viewsTom Dinwoodie retirement thrash..Southampton Pub. 1 commentsSC-UK04/23/16 at 16:51King Ratt: Tom D. The man who could imitate the ring of a tri...
Tiger Balm Gardens, Singapore 1964477 viewsRichard Leonard JRO, Rab Thomson RO, Robin Harvey JEO - Tidereach2 commentsgiglamps03/10/16 at 13:31King Ratt: Richard ((...)) Leonard JRO
Capt. David Gerrard.1121 viewsRemembering Capt.David Gerrard (RFA Retd), Falklands Veteran, Webmaster of this site, RFANostalgia (Ships), RFAA (Plymouth), THN, friend and all round Good Bloke.4 commentsSC-UK02/14/16 at 16:14King Ratt: Good to see this super site will still be in good ...
RFA Retainer, Concord California, Jan1975 with Barry Hayes (JRO), Andy Armstrong (3rd Mate), Barry Dixon (Deck Cadet) & Howard Spencer (JRO)666 views2 commentsSC-UK12/28/15 at 15:47King Ratt: Looks like JRO Barry Hayes with the beard and blac...
Dec 1978 (Gib) - Rab-T in a very sad place.584 views2 commentsSC-UK12/25/15 at 18:27King Ratt: I was paying a visit to the burned out Hebe after ...
583 viewsEric Hambling, Dave Phillips, ... Steve Matthews, Steven Humpleby, Tom Davies, ... Peter David.
And from gungadin - Roger Perry and Bill Butcher at the back with Ian Dunbar and Rhodri Yorath-Williams in front with James A Bailey, Andy Sterling, Nick Fox and Frank ? next to Peter David
2 commentschoff08/14/15 at 14:56King Ratt: Me neither.
John (Pancho) Williams557 views1977 Geraint.1 commentschoff04/12/15 at 09:40King Ratt: "just remember this, a kiss is just a kiss&qu...
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