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Orangeleaf 1990209 viewsMike Dunn, Charlie Carr, Chris SpurlingMike DunnSep 09, 2018
HRH & Capt.D. Evans, RFA Resource 1969.253 viewsHRH Prince of Wales arrives on board RFA Resource at Torbay, July 1969, greeted by Captain David Evans. First ever visit by the Prince of Wales to an RFA, and Resource had the distinction of being the first ever ship to fly his personal standard, during his visit.1 commentsSC-UKJul 29, 2018
Mike Otway Sadly Departed306 viewsandyscookeJun 25, 2018
RFA Fort Grange STO(N) Dept - 1993 Operation Grapple - Yugoslavia370 viewsNote: names not 100% correct for positions:

Back - ?, Ray Evans, Trevor Morris, Jonathan Frost, ?, Graham Davis, Keith Dunkley, Lee, Mick Green, ?, Herbie Tam

Middle - Willie McIness, ?, Mike Marshall, ?, ?,Trev Cooper, Andy May , Dave, Peter Scallon, Phil, Ainsley Tapper, Mike Owen, Neil Rowney, Vic Ritchie

Front - Tom Darroch, Jim Morgan, Bob Harris, Derek Nash, Martyn Toy ,Dave Evans, Pete Roberts (STON), Neil Baker, Andy Hunt, Pat McTeague, David Campbell, Paul Reynolds, Andrew Pozzi
1 commentsPozziJun 17, 2018
19-Jan-2005 - off South Georgia251 viewsSC-UKJun 17, 2018
10-Jan-2002 (date uncertain)221 viewsSC-UKJun 17, 2018
RFA Resurgent 8-Dec-19761988 viewsSC-UKJun 17, 2018
6th-May-2006240 viewsSC-UKJun 17, 2018
Fred Gravelle SRO199 viewsPhoto also includes L - R Signalman, Yeoman and Fred.
RFA Stromness 1970/1
1 commentsAFNorthJun 01, 2018
Commodore Joe Dines and Choff Sid Kempton147 viewsStromness 1971, retirement presentationAFNorthJun 01, 2018
Commodore Joe Dines & Margo149 viewsRFA Stromness, SNB 1971AFNorthJun 01, 2018
RFA Fort Rosalie ~2010279 viewsPic via www.HistoricalRFA.org.
Steve Walker ?, H Clark, M Sayer, BUOY, R Peplow and Capt. VBRS (Vernon Ramsay-Smith)
SC-UKMay 25, 2018
RFA Resource287 viewsRFA Resource flight deck, South Atlantic 1982AyresomeMay 11, 2018
203 viewsRFA Resource flight deck, South Atlantic 1982AyresomeMay 11, 2018
Resource289 viewsJaws, Dave Dunn, Zorba, RFA Resource, South Atlantic 19822 commentsAyresomeMay 11, 2018
RFA Resource248 viewsJaws, Jimmy Goldie & John RFA Resource, South Atlantic 19821 commentsAyresomeMay 11, 2018
Regent, 1969332 viewsOfficer with one of the guests willing to help out, slightly the worse for drink!Reg BarrettMay 07, 2018
Regent, 1969270 viewsRoland (chippy) Carpenter 3rd Eng Off.Reg BarrettMay 07, 2018
Tidepool, 1964 at sea1672 viewsRefuelling HMS CENTAUR (06)Reg BarrettMay 07, 2018
Tidepool, 1964 at sea275 viewsRefuelling HMS CENTAUR(06)Reg BarrettMay 07, 2018
Retainer's bar. 1963218 viewsAnybody know either of these?Reg BarrettMay 07, 2018
Includes Frank Ginger CPO(D).239 viewsSC-UKMay 02, 2018
Mr & Mrs Frank Ginger CPO(D)208 viewsSC-UKMay 02, 2018
RFA Regent - 1987286 viewsPeter Jukes (STO(N)), Dave, Paul, Tony and Stan December 1987 Gib.1 commentsSC-UKApr 28, 2018
RFA Regent - 1987352 viewsL - R Ian Chatten, Alex Sterling, Richard Board, Tony Powesland and Dave Evans (Gib 1987 ?) Tnx to 'CornishPasty' for names.3 commentsSC-UKApr 28, 2018
RFA Regent - 1987271 viewsDecember 1987, incl John Cheshire -AO3 VS & Mark Taylor AO2 NS2 commentsSC-UKApr 28, 2018
RFA Regent - 1987259 viewsJohn Cheshire, Tom Marchbanks A01, Mark Taylor (as at 2018: living in WA?)
3 commentsSC-UKApr 28, 2018
RFA Regent - 1987273 viewsPaul, Keiran and Neil. 2 commentsSC-UKApr 28, 2018
RFA Regent - 1987198 viewsNeil, Keiran - December 1987 in Gib.SC-UKApr 28, 2018
RFA Stromness - 1982290 viewsIncludes L->R: Roger Bilton, Mike Partington and Grant Brewster with Alastair MacFarlane
standing behind.

Pic. taken on the way back from The Falklands, 1982.

Tnx to Alastair MacFarlane for supplying the photo.
SC-UKApr 22, 2018
Stromness - April 1982348 viewsPic taken prior to departure early April '82 by unit phot LA Fitzpatrick RN in Stromness.
On the left is RFA Capt Barry Dickinson then Lt Col Andrew Whitehead RM, CO of 45 Cdo RM.

6th from left in boiler suit looks like Mike Partington Deck Cadet.
9th from left 'VBRS' - Vernon Ramsey-Smith Second Officer.

Possibly also Bernard Mennell <TBC>.

Photo shows RAS(Toys) of a large number of games, videos, VCR's etc to the embarked force following a collection by the dockyard workers at Pompey. Presented by Peter Bryant STO(N).

Very gratefully received and fully utilised over the next couple of months.

Pic. shared with RFANostalgia by 45CdoRm Falklands War Photo Collection via Clive Pattle.
Tnx to Alastair MacFarlane for suggesting some of the names.
SC-UKApr 21, 2018
Junior Engineer Appointments - early 1970s.370 viewsTnx. to David Soden for 'scan'.SC-UKApr 16, 2018
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