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Fort Austin - 1983428 viewsCrossing The Line Ceremony (Southbound)
SOGD Peter Bulmer in the' hot seat'.
On the right, one of Neptune's assistants is Pete Tregale, SG1A.
In the background in striped shirt is Andy Davidson ASTON.

First Officer (X) John Stones (RiP 2016) in pointed grey hat in the background, and possibly Terry Jewitt from STO(N) Dept.
The "surgeon" is Bob Thornton, 2/O (Navigator).
SC-UKAug 24, 2016
Control room Olmeda, August 1968551 viewsJohn Sinclair 3rd. engineer.Reg BarrettAug 13, 2016
British coast, December 1967, Refuelling Britannia275 viewsThe Royal Yacht sent out to sea on a convoy exercise.Reg BarrettAug 13, 2016
Resource 1982459 viewsPic. from Paddy Hall.SC-UKAug 04, 2016
Resource 1982435 viewsPic. from Paddy Hall.SC-UKAug 04, 2016
Resource 1982372 viewsPic. from Paddy Hall.SC-UKAug 04, 2016
Resource 1982350 viewsPic. from Paddy Hall.SC-UKAug 04, 2016
Ft.Austin 1987-1988401 viewsPic. from John Aiston.SC-UKAug 04, 2016
Retainer,wardroom,Singapore.63/64509 viewsSandy Peterson a professional third engineer talking to the ship's Doctor (Dr. George Wilson on the left)1 commentsReg BarrettJul 22, 2016
Retainer, Singapore, 63/64401 viewsUnnamed, Doc. Perry, Martin Sprague Reg BarrettJul 21, 2016
Fort Austin 1980986 viewsDerek Holden, front left (apparently the first ever RFA Engineer cadet).
Pic. from Robin Bailey who seemed to remember Derek keeping a steering wheel under his bunk which belonged to the car he wrote off.
6 commentsSC-UKJul 19, 2016
Olmeda February 1968431 viewsSenior ships writer1 commentsReg BarrettJul 15, 2016
Singapore 1963/64. Officers club Terror, of Retainer400 viewsAll unnamed.Reg BarrettJul 11, 2016
Retainer Singapore 1963/64386 viewsUnknown, Doc. Perry. Martin Sprague JElec1 commentsReg BarrettJul 11, 2016
Retainer Singapore 1963/64645 viewsL to R Ivor Skentlebury J/E, Fred Young (Ex Doxford's apprentice in Sunderland) S4/Eng, John Boyd 2Elec. (includes the Indonesian Spies).2 commentsReg BarrettJul 11, 2016
Retainer Singapore 1963/64409 viewsSandy Peterson, professional third engineer talking to Eric Forsyth?1 commentsReg BarrettJul 11, 2016
Japan,Retainer,1964497 viewsBarry Northmore J4/E, can't remember, Mike Jamieson and Ivor Skentlebury J/E from Looe in Cornwall1 commentsReg BarrettJul 11, 2016
Retainer saloon bar 1963/4458 viewsR/O Joe Woodhall and Doctor.1 commentsReg BarrettJul 03, 2016
Officers club HMS TERROR Singapore 1963/64554 viewsArchie ????? and one other1 commentsReg BarrettJul 03, 2016
Mystery Prop / Drydock501 views2 commentsReg BarrettJul 03, 2016
Retainer Singapore 1963/64489 viewsMike Jammeson Engineer cadet1 commentsReg BarrettJul 03, 2016
Retainer Singapore 1963/64479 viewsBarry Northmore from Plymouth. JEO-4thEng.1 commentsReg BarrettJul 03, 2016
Retainer Singapore 1963/64434 viewsEric Forsyth third engineer.1 commentsReg BarrettJul 03, 2016
Retainer Japan 1964373 viewsKen George Chief EngineerReg BarrettJul 03, 2016
Olynthus 1966,at sea.394 viewsVernon Reed second engineer.Reg BarrettJul 03, 2016
Helensburgh,Scotland.October 1965.347 viewsPeter Maddison.Reg BarrettJul 03, 2016
NAAFI Plymouth August 1963, dockyard training prior to going to sea for first time.490 viewsBack row far right Reg Barrett, third right Joe Whittaker, can't remember the others, all engineer cadets.1 commentsReg BarrettJul 03, 2016
Regent control room, December 1969.534 viewsWatch mates on the 4 to 8. Left is Dave Huddleston, middle ??, Cadet who we nicknamed "The Meekon".1 commentsReg BarrettJun 29, 2016
Sir Tristram -> British Trent June 1982.412 viewsBritish Trent with some RFA Personnel enroute to Ascension and disembarking via mexe at Clarence Bay, Ascension.
LHS, partial Bill Mabbot 3/0, Chris Forrest 3/O (E), In front of Bill Mabbot - Alan Roach X/O, Tony Stainton-Ellis (Doc), Back row obscured Barry Hayes 2/R/O, Capt.Robin Green, Dave Tooze Purser, behind, partial Gary Wilson (Navs), Jimmy Ross (Chief), Andy Wills 2/E/O, David Palin 1/R/O.
On floor from LHS John Irvine 3/O (E), Robin Bailey (J/E/O), Robin Hookham 3/R/O, Neil Barclay 3/O, Shaun Jones 2/O.
Pics. from David Palin and Robin Bailey.
SC-UKJun 13, 2016
Sir Tristram - Feb 1982 - either Crossing the Line or enroute to Prince Rupert, Canada.403 viewsBarry Hayes, Richard Dunham (Cadet) Shaun Jones, Chris Forrest, <unknown>, Mark Hurley (Cadet), Dave Palin, 3rd Mate Neil Barclay, Captain Green. Andy Rennie. Pic. from Robin Bailey JEO.SC-UKJun 08, 2016
RFA Fort Grange 1988545 viewsPic. from Lee McCarthy.2 commentsSC-UKJun 08, 2016
RFA Fort Grange 1988504 viewsPic. from Lee McCarthy.1 commentsSC-UKJun 08, 2016
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