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RFA Tidesurge. Bombay 1975. Tam Adams (Centre), Alan (Sledge)Wainwright (Right). Stuart Murray.521 viewsSC-UKApr 02, 2016
Second Eng.Off, G Norcott. RFA Tidesurge 1975.472 viewsSC-UKApr 02, 2016
Tam Adam, Stuart Murray, Alan Wainwright. Bombay 1975. RFA Tidesurge.481 viewsSC-UKApr 02, 2016
Peter Bartlett - Signalman & Yeoman.550 viewsServed in ‎RFA TIDEPOOL (A76) & RFA TIDESPRING (A75) between 1979 and 1989.SC-UKMar 23, 2016
Capt. David Gerrard.1114 viewsRemembering Capt.David Gerrard (RFA Retd), Falklands Veteran, Webmaster of this site, RFANostalgia (Ships), RFAA (Plymouth), THN, friend and all round Good Bloke.4 commentsSC-UKFeb 12, 2016
Tidesurge 1966572 viewsGUESS: Ray Phillips JEO on the left and maybe Mike Mission (Kiwi) 3rd Eng.1 commentsgiglampsFeb 09, 2016
Tidereach 1965495 viewsGeoff Worham JEO, Phil Roberts 2nd Off, Roger Blackman JEO, Robin Harvey JEO
Singapore 1965
giglampsFeb 09, 2016
Tidereach 1965847 viewsjust off to 10 course Chinese lunch - Singapore
Geoff Worham JEO, Robin Harvey JEO, Bob Gilston 3rd EO, Dave Harvey? 3rd EO, Sandy Mitchell Elec O, ? Cadet, Roger Blackman JEO
3 commentsgiglampsFeb 09, 2016
Tidereach 1965436 viewsRobin Harvey, Geoff Worham, Roger Blackman all JEO's
After watch in air conditioned control room
giglampsFeb 09, 2016
Tidereach 1965545 viewsPhil Roberts 2nd Off, Roger Blackman JEO, Geoff Worham JEO
Note Old Master on door behind
2 commentsgiglampsFeb 08, 2016
BMH Nurses Tidereach 1965, Singapore769 viewsRoger Simms 2nd Off, Terry ? 3rd EO, Roger Blackman JEO, Bob Gilston 3rd EO, RHS: Mike Jameson Eng Cadet.3 commentsgiglampsFeb 08, 2016
Tidesurge 1966487 views? JEO, Peter Gordon JEO, Roger Blackman 4th EO2 commentsgiglampsFeb 08, 2016
Tiger Balm Gardens, Singapore 1964473 viewsRichard Leonard JRO, Rab Thomson RO, Robin Harvey JEO - Tidereach2 commentsgiglampsFeb 08, 2016
RFA Largs Bay ME Department657 viewsOn arrival back in Devonport after the Auriga '10 deployment to the USA. Standing from LtoR: Andy Pryce (3/O E), Ross Miller (2/O E), Nick Cronin (3/O E), Dave Wardell (C/O E), James Tagg (3/O E), Graham Lloyd (2/O E), sitting front: Paul Gibson (3/O E), Peter Beer (Chief Engineer).SC-UKJan 24, 2016
A Mystery LEAF.506 viewsSC-UKJan 24, 2016
415 viewsSC-UKJan 24, 2016
RFA Orangeleaf 2012 - Birkenhead.472 viewsJon taking a power snooze in one of the Portakabins on day one of refit.SC-UKJan 24, 2016
RFA Orangeleaf 2008.537 views8-12 engine room watch, late 2008. L to R: ??? (MM2), Tom Wyatt (Cadet E), Nick Cronin (3/O E), Pete Roberts (MM1).SC-UKJan 24, 2016
365 viewsSC-UKJan 24, 2016
RFA Gold Rover MCR - 2007.681 views3 commentsSC-UKJan 24, 2016
RFA Wave Knight.446 viewsAlicante, at the top of the castle, L to R: Dave Maginnis (Cadet E), Jon Paul Davis (3/O E), Martin Leake (2/O E), Nick Cronin (3/O E).SC-UKJan 24, 2016
RFA Wave Knight, 2008.544 viewsAlicante during the Orion '08 deployment. L to R: Nick Cronin (3/O E), Martin Leake (2/O E), Dave Maginnis (Cadet E), Jon Paul Davis (3/O E), Alec Stevens (LSO), and cafe owner executing a perfectly timed photo bomb.2 commentsSC-UKJan 24, 2016
RFA Diligence ME Department, 2004.545 viewsSingapore L to R: Ian Dunbar (Chief Engineer), Ian Collins (3/O E), Nick Cronin (Cadet E), Tam Nugent (2/O E), Malcolm Smeaton (C/O E), Ronnie Skimming (3/O E), Nick Tucker (2/O E).SC-UKJan 24, 2016
RFA Diligence, Singapore, 2004.467 viewsThe morning after the night before (when the genny made a very expensive noise). L to R: Nick Cronin (Cadet E), Ronnie Skimming (3/O E), Ian Collins (3/O E).SC-UKJan 24, 2016
427 viewsjonnoJan 09, 2016
Communications Department, RFA Wave Knight, December 2010.478 viewsZBM2Jan 08, 2016
JEO Paul Greenough and 3EO Jack Brady520 viewsOutside the Golden Hind bar, Sembawang Strip, summer 1980.KickstartJan 07, 2016
RFA Retainer, Concord California, Jan1975 with Barry Hayes (JRO), Andy Armstrong (3rd Mate), Barry Dixon (Deck Cadet) & Howard Spencer (JRO)663 views2 commentsSC-UKDec 24, 2015
From Olwen ~ 1975579 viewsDeck Cadets: Ed Durkin, John Stoker & Barry Dixon.SC-UKDec 23, 2015
Pursers Course at Plymouth, November 1971527 viewsFRONT ROW L-R. Ron Savage, Harry Lowe, Willy McKee, Sandy Mitchell, Polly Perkins, David Skingale-Clarke, Allan Groves BACK ROW L-R George Baldacchino, Norman Jones, S,Sultana, Terry Ford, Alec Milne, Malcolm Cairns, G.Bishop, Bob Kirkbride, G.Osborne, Terry Warren, Mad Mitchell, Tom Davies.
choffDec 18, 2015
Royal William Yard Plymouth 475 viewsHeads of Catering Department course, held on 22nd April 1971.
<-- From John Littlechild.
Front Row L-R Horace Cox, Eric Johnson, J.Smith, P.Millar FMT74a, W.L.T.Anderson FMT74c, Gordon Butterworth MS, R.L.Swalwell FMT74c, Meg Jenkin DGDA12, A.Webber I.O. Nigel Tucker, Mike Otway and Frankie Payne. BACK ROW George Bainborough, A.W.Reid, Ray Strevett, Nigel Chapman, Keith Truscott, John Chadwick, A.S.Pryce, Mike Taylor, Gordon McWilliam, Charles Scott, Andy Sykes, Harry Biggs and Roy Wells.
1 commentschoffDec 17, 2015
Brambleleaf Final Feb 2007508 viewsEngineering team at destore for disposal. Missing from picture is Dave Hall taking the photo. If any one can supply names not annotated it would be appreciated.KickstartDec 07, 2015
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