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RFA Resurgent 8-Dec-19762044 viewsSC-UK
Malcolm Flannery1428 viewsFort Austin 19821 commentschoff
Stu Peters and Paul Burrows1343 viewsStu Peters and Paul Burrows - a quiet run ashore beckonsandyscooke
In Memory of Mike Kitchen1277 viewsLeft to right - Ed (talking horse) Quigley, John Sinclair, George Norcott, Tam Adam, Phil (screaming skull) Edwards, Tony Spoor, Ken Nichols, Alec Melvin, (Baz Wakefield behind), Thurston (Satch) Sergeant, Dave (Boozy Twosy) Tooze, Micky Donovan, (Andy August behind), Ian (1st bar) Smith, Ray Brewer, (John Breckon behind), Joe Davis (sadly now deceased) 5 commentsJohn Breckon
Fort Grange Falklands 821217 viewsTed Eagling, Paul Robson, Alex Blackwood, E/C, Fridge Eng, E/C, PCMD.2 commentsTedeagling
Adrian Lambert 1209 views2 commentschoff
Graham Kerr and Steve Donkersley1195 viewsWaterlooville Golf Club - July 2012ALC2
Chris Forrest1081 viewschoff
Fort Austin 19801054 viewsDerek Holden, front left (apparently the first ever RFA Engineer cadet).
Pic. from Robin Bailey who seemed to remember Derek keeping a steering wheel under his bunk which belonged to the car he wrote off.
6 commentsSC-UK
Brian Taylor & Ralph Donkin1002 viewsOlmeda April 1982.choff
RFA Superheated Steamies Reunion April 2012950 viewsThe Old Stone Trough, Kelbrook Lancs.
Spike,Charlie,Willy,Tam,Gordon,Mickey,Satch,Sandy,Ken,John,Barry,Dave Greenwoods head at the back.
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John Breckon
Tidereach 1965938 viewsjust off to 10 course Chinese lunch - Singapore
Geoff Worham JEO, Robin Harvey JEO, Bob Gilston 3rd EO, Dave Harvey? 3rd EO, Sandy Mitchell Elec O, ? Cadet, Roger Blackman JEO
3 commentsgiglamps
Fort Grange Falklands912 viewsE/C, E/C, Alec Blackwood,Tom McDonald ,E/C, Mike Zorab, PCMD, Paul Robson, Ted Eagling, 4EO, 2EO Ken Holder ? . 4EO. Fridge Engineers ? + Adam Ventre in front.3 commentsTedeagling
909 viewsPercy's immaculate engineroom workshop.4 commentsdindanlo
2/O(E) Nick Tucker891 viewsFort Austin Christmas Day 1993, thoroughly out of rig. That cummerbund would never fit now!Kickstart
O Boat MCR.888 viewsL to R, Andy Sinclair, John Sinclair, 'Fergie', Protection Officer, Richard Foot, Stu Murry, Mel Whatmough.4 commentsdindanlo
Steamies Reunion851 viewsPlymouth 2007choff
Resource, main switchboard guest list.831 viewsWhen the junior ranks of the electrical dept went on standby in Resource there was a centre consol with a piece of lino like stuff set into the desk. Over the years bored staff found if you turned over the lino it had been signed by previous electrical staff. We were always getting left in the switchboard as no one would remember to tell us standby was finished...!!!
3 commentsdindanlo
At sea ,booze up with the officers of the RN helicopter. July 1968831 viewsKen Morton acting the goat covered in name tags.2 commentsReg Barrett
Joe Davis, Andy August, John Berry & ...804 views2 commentschoff
Names Wanted, circa '60s or '70s802 viewsNames Wanted, circa '60s or '70s. Suggestions so far:
Top left: Mel Whatmough 2EO, the first head on the left below him looks like Dave Hudleston Eng Cadet. The head above the chap with glasses at extreme right lower maybe Nick Ball Eng Cadet and eventually Cdre Eng. WIth beard in middle to the left of chap with glasses is Derek Holden (certificated 1st Class Eng).
1 commentsSC-UK
Cherryleaf 1976790 viewsPhil Bandy 2/O, sadly no longer with us,
next to my ex
3 commentsMac McElroy
Tidesurge - 1967787 viewsJamie ashore in the Blue Light Bar, Sembawang... wasn't that in Boogie Street? 3 commentsSC-UK
PR Photo785 viewsMick Bentley 10 commentschoff
Diligence MCR782 viewsAndy Buchanan and Neil Mathewson4 commentsciaran.jefferies
Bob Crockett768 viewsPearleaf 19763 commentschoff
Ian Finlayson and Eric Hambling757 viewsFirst trip JEOs Resurgent 74/75.1 commentsfinners
Bob Platt753 viewsResurgent or Plumleaf c. 1978 12 commentsbahamasjustin
Engineers Galahad?752 viewsIan Schumacker in the centre? Keith Gawthorn on the right.4 commentsTedeagling
Nick Pilling, Ian Gormely, Colin Stewart ?, Andy August, Roger Cook, John Berry.747 views1 commentschoff
Young Guns, Sir Geraint743 viewsdindanlo
Another pleasant evening in the Caribbean. Brambleleaf 1985742 views20E Paul Bradley -TINY, and Andy Rennie. Mike Norfolk (COE) to the center and Gareth Coomber lurking in the background.
RIP Andy Rennie. Funeral information here.
3 commentsTINY Bradley
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