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Keith Truscott, HRH, Andy Armstrong.1021 viewschoff
Tony Goodall, Charles Brennan Craddock and SA1 Clulow1018 views RFA Fort Victoria, Salalah last week.
RFA Fort Victoria977 viewsFirst STON Teamchoff
Brian Taylor & Ralph Donkin953 viewsOlmeda April 1982.choff
Roy Copestake947 viewsWith the Armilla Bucketchoff
Blue Ranger Suez 1956946 viewschoff
Alex Cook Ed Read Katherine Moggarch John Tompson Iain Goodchild916 viewsAlex Cook Ed Read Katherine Moggarch John Tompson Iain Goodchild enjoying christmas lunchandyscooke
Tarnatness - Fife908 viewschoff
Fort Austin 1980904 viewsDerek Holden, front left (apparently the first ever RFA Engineer cadet).
Pic. from Robin Bailey who seemed to remember Derek keeping a steering wheel under his bunk which belonged to the car he wrote off.
6 commentsSC-UK
Chiu Yiu Nam GM, 1949 - 2012901 viewsOn the 8th June 1982 at Fitzroy CHIU YIU NAM was serving aboard the LSL Sir Galahad when it was attacked by Argentine Skyhawk and Mirage Aircraft. Two bombs scored direct hits.
Within minutes Sir Galahad was burning fiercely and the order was given to abandon ship. Despite the exodus of those about him, seeing the peril of some soldiers trapped by the fire, CHIU chose to
disobey the order. He donned an asbestos suit, knowing that in a conflagration of such fierceness it provided only partial protection, and disappeared into the flames and smoke. He returned with one man and having delivered him safely to the rescuers plunged back into the flames. He continued without regard for his own danger or fatigue, until he had rescued all those he could find still alive.
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Olwen CTU865 viewsP.J.Lannin CTO. Olwen Oct-74 to July-75.
Back: L-to-R: D.Waters, S.M.O.Conran, Cadet(Eng), M.Harper, N.Sarel, V.B.Ramsay-Smith, J.K.Stoker
Front: L-to-R: Cadet(Eng), J.Burrows, CTO. P.J.Lannin, E.J.Durkin, B.Dixon, Snr.Cdt.George
See A Cadet's Journal.
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RFA Superheated Steamies Reunion April 2012865 viewsThe Old Stone Trough, Kelbrook Lancs.
Spike,Charlie,Willy,Tam,Gordon,Mickey,Satch,Sandy,Ken,John,Barry,Dave Greenwoods head at the back.
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John Breckon
Cdre Dick861 viewsCdre Dick Thorn, Mrs Thorn and son Peter @ the National Arboretum.
Nice hat !
RFA OLMEDA 1983/84859 viewsHope some of the faces can be identified. I would guess the ship was in Australia or New Zealand4 commentsMick Spear
Steve Edney853 viewsCape Verde Is 2008Mick Spear
Fort Grange Falklands850 viewsE/C, E/C, Alec Blackwood,Tom McDonald ,E/C, Mike Zorab, PCMD, Paul Robson, Ted Eagling, 4EO, 2EO Ken Holder ? . 4EO. Fridge Engineers ? + Adam Ventre in front.3 commentsTedeagling
831 viewsPercy's immaculate engineroom workshop.4 commentsdindanlo
O Boat MCR.828 viewsL to R, Andy Sinclair, John Sinclair, 'Fergie', Protection Officer, Richard Foot, Stu Murry, Mel Whatmough.4 commentsdindanlo
Fort Austin July 1979821 viewsFront row L-R Bill Jenkins, Steve Hodgson, John Austin, Ricky Johnson, Don Averill, Tom Humphries, Vince Nugent, Keith Thompson, Fred Barnes, Maurice Mann, Bob Pacey,
Middle Row L-R Keith May SOG 'D', Ernie Marriott, Bob Cook(Armament Clerical Officer (RiP)), Tony Gascoigne, Peter Stock, Andy Stirling, Ron Hoole, Jamie Muchie, Rory McCray, Ian Doolan, Ian Thompson, Martin Glannville, Mike Day, Roger Bowen, Bill Mackenzie, Jim Wood,
Back Row L-R Chris Saunderson, Mike McEllihinney, Colin Welsby, Des Rodgers, Nick Cole, Graham Swinnerton, Steve Walker, Mike Ainley, Andy Crawford, Jerry Hodge, Stuart Needham, Tom Wallace, John Cook, Alan Malpas, Robin Jones.
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Tidereach 1965 816 viewsAlec Forsyth, Maxie Clements and ...1 commentschoff
Mick Spear and Jerry Sharpe805 views2 commentsMick Spear
Steamies Reunion795 viewsPlymouth 2007choff
Tidereach 1965785 viewsjust off to 10 course Chinese lunch - Singapore
Geoff Worham JEO, Robin Harvey JEO, Bob Gilston 3rd EO, Dave Harvey? 3rd EO, Sandy Mitchell Elec O, ? Cadet, Roger Blackman JEO
3 commentsgiglamps
Captains Lamb and DRew783 views@ The National ArboretumALC2
Shipwright Tom Fisher receives a retirement gift from Captain is Phil Hanton. Ft. Rosalie October-November 2011.779 viewsTom is possibly one of the last shipwrights in the RFA service. He had a very good send off from all the crew. He restrained from withholding the tears. Nothing was to great or to small for Tom to fix. He had a dry sense of humor a well like chippy.

Sadly RFA no longer employs these skilled personnel.
The Butterworths & Ian Finlayson778 viewsResurgent 1975finners
RFA Appleleaf Football Team. Gosport 1986. 778 viewsSecond from left. Andy Straw. Comms Harry Hair in the green top.STRAWBERRY
A Leaf Boat in the Gulf775 views Stuart Peters. ....Mike Kitchen ... Eric Hambling, Roy Malkin, Bob Allan, ...4 commentschoff
Resource, main switchboard guest list.774 viewsWhen the junior ranks of the electrical dept went on standby in Resource there was a centre consol with a piece of lino like stuff set into the desk. Over the years bored staff found if you turned over the lino it had been signed by previous electrical staff. We were always getting left in the switchboard as no one would remember to tell us standby was finished...!!!
3 commentsdindanlo
Pat Prunty and CPO Ck Julian762 viewsExercise Joint Caterer @ Sandown ParkALC2
Steve Griffin, Steve Oatey, and ?757 views Fort Austin MCR, South Atlantic 1983, pulling units! 1 commentsAlperian
752 viewschoff
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