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Tidesurge - 1966738 viewsGordon Bennett J/E Mike J/E Plymouth, Tidesurge 19661 commentsSC-UK08/21/22 at 20:26Clankie: We were in a pub LHS at the end of Union Street, j...
TIDESURGE - 1967 Singapore297 viewsL-R: Chris McClean (Leckie), ??. Mike Jamieson (JEO), Gordon Bennett (JEO)1 commentsSC-UK08/21/22 at 20:21Clankie: Met up with Ray and Gordon in Ashburton August 202...
735 views3 commentschoff06/17/22 at 21:02andyscooke: To the right of DofE is Paul Murphy and next to hi...
Bacchus 1975898 viewsThink this was a party at Chatham Dockyard
Any names?
4 commentsMac McElroy06/14/22 at 18:58gungadin: Ross Ferris on the right
Bacchus 1975820 viewsChatham dockyard2 commentsMac McElroy06/14/22 at 18:57gungadin: Ross Ferris on the left
RFA Resource590 viewsRFA Resource flight deck, South Atlantic 19821 commentsAyresome03/02/22 at 17:14Ayresome: Dennis Knight, Tony Hilmi, ?, Steve Cleasby?
433 viewsRFA Resource flight deck, South Atlantic 19821 commentsAyresome03/02/22 at 17:11Ayresome: Zorba (Tony Hilmi)
RFA Resource496 viewsJaws, Jimmy Goldie & John RFA Resource, South Atlantic 19822 commentsAyresome03/02/22 at 17:10Ayresome: John Gow
Not Ron Shipp408 viewsStromness2 commentsAlperian01/21/22 at 21:23Alperian2014: This was a fourth eng. Think he was from Lancs. Ve...
Max Radford 505 views2 commentsAlperian12/10/21 at 11:23PeterC: Max you were a legend . Do you remembert the sword...
Connie Constantine714 views2 commentschoff12/10/21 at 11:20PeterC: This was my father in his hey day ! He loved this ...
Dave Butler761 views2 commentschoff08/05/21 at 21:31John Kingston: I agree with it being Jerry Whittaker and also Ric...
Hamish Choudhury, Joe Fordham & Brian Taylor633 views2 commentsAlperian08/05/21 at 20:51John Kingston: Worked the 12-4 with Joe Fordham on Wave Chief Jan...
Orangeleaf 1973 - Broken down in the South China Sea!!438 viewsL to R
Eng Cadet, JEO? Jerry Whittaker Eng Cadet,
Kevin O’Neil CEO, Mike Jamieson 2EO.

Limped back to Singapore on 5 cylinders.
1 commentsSC-UK08/05/21 at 19:34John Kingston: Other Engineer cadet looks like Rick Hudson, both ...
Orangeleaf 1973 395 viewsUp the gulf, Kuwait..
Mike 2EO, Jerry Whitaker Eng Cadet and Eng Cadet UNK
1 commentsSC-UK08/05/21 at 19:33John Kingston: Other Engineer cadet looks like Rick Hudson, both ...
Pearleaf Battle Honours454 viewsPeter Hart & Ed Cleary1 commentschoff07/26/21 at 09:40Clankie: RIP Eddie, we had some great times
448 views3 commentsAlperian07/18/21 at 19:28Mike Ainley: Looks like Mike Tyreman 3/E/O.
Wave Chief - 19721090 viewsWave Chief - 1972, Iceland areas with John Leaf.
Pic. from Mike Burley's collection.
3 commentsSC-UK06/01/21 at 19:56Mike Ainley: The Chief Officer looks like Tommy Paton, A real G...
Jim (Yarpie) Smith631 views1 commentsAlperian04/04/21 at 20:03Alperian2014: This was taken on Bacchus 1981
Suez Canal?484 viewsTBA1 commentsSC-UK03/26/21 at 14:22CORNISHPASTY: Tom Fraser and Cyril Reynolds
Gibraltar?553 views1 commentsSC-UK03/26/21 at 14:20CORNISHPASTY: ? Dave Moore, John March and Tom Fraser
RFA Resource 1979 - 1980517 viewsPhot: via Karen Fraser1 commentsSC-UK03/18/21 at 17:53CORNISHPASTY: Roy Harries, Bill Boyter,Tom Fraser, ?, ?, John Ma...
RFA Resource 1979 - 1980334 viewsRoy Harries, Des Edwards, Tom Fraser, Bob Rose
Phot: via Karen Fraser
1 commentsSC-UK03/18/21 at 17:50CORNISHPASTY: Roy Harries, Des Edwards, Tom Fraser, Bob Rose
RFA Resource 1979 - 1980319 viewsTom Fraser, Cyril Reynolds, Tom Morris, Roy Harries
Phot: via Karen Fraser
1 commentsSC-UK03/18/21 at 17:48CORNISHPASTY: Tom Fraser,Cyril Reynolds,Tom Morris,Roy Harries
Fort Grange 19861002 viewsUse Annotate Button to add the missing names.1 commentschoff02/01/21 at 11:50PhilWalters: B/row 3rd from L..D.Lendrum. M/row 3rd from L..G....
Lyness 1979745 viewsJohn Bourne, 3rd from left Briffo 3rd mate.1 commentsMac McElroy11/06/20 at 07:51Steve Oatey: Far right, Nick Lowe 3rd. Eng.
Tidereach Indian Ocean 1965391 viewsRoger Blackman JEO about to be dunked, Bob Gilston 3EO in black shorts, Roger Simms 2Off pointing and Jonno Nicholls Elec Off at far left1 commentsgiglamps06/08/20 at 13:50giglamps: Jonno Nicholls is at far right, not left
Under Age699 views1 commentschoff05/31/20 at 20:12Clankie: That’s Charlie Sumner if I’m not mistaken?
Jim Davies, Dave Burns, Jock McClelland.664 views2 commentschoff05/31/20 at 20:08Clankie: Hi Barry, “Jock” John McKellen, he was a good pal ...
Catering Officer Brian Read780 viewsand the face nearest the camera is strangely familiar?4 commentschoff05/10/20 at 17:40Steve Oatey: I was thinking he was NAAFI manager.
Catering Officer Brian Read780 viewsand the face nearest the camera is strangely familiar?4 commentschoff05/08/20 at 21:47King Ratt: The face nearest the camera I think was agent but ...
Gold Rover 1982971 viewsRound the World trip with the Yacht
Mike Rogers, SRO(left) looking at camera
and me Mac McElroy, 1R/O(with beard) in the
middle. Rosemary & Nick Lowe.
6 commentsMac McElroy04/03/20 at 05:58Steve Oatey: Far right - Richard Horsefield?
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