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Bob Hockney, Steve Williams, Hughie Hoole, ?, ? 271 views2 commentschoff03/29/15 at 10:55Phil Walters: L-Bob Hockney
Regent 1973824 viewsAt Capetown5 commentschoff11/29/14 at 08:55Grumpy1941: Was the last one Jimmy Nicol? - E. Hamlyn
FORT VIC's STON Board783 views1 commentsALC211/09/14 at 14:23intergalactic ao: Wow lots of names I recognise. Interestingly...
Fort Grange 1982632 views2 commentschoff11/05/14 at 11:26choff: And who is mooning in the cab window?
Graham Whatley486 viewsFort Austin1 commentschoff11/05/14 at 09:47CORNISHPASTY: Graham Whatley
Fort Grange 1982632 views2 commentschoff11/05/14 at 09:46CORNISHPASTY: Sixth from left Bert Swanson and Ninth from left L...
Delboy is Sixty374 viewsA montage of the boy himself1 commentsALC211/01/14 at 17:04DGST(N)_Br11: TW*T (bet you're finally happy for som...
Regent 1973824 viewsAt Capetown5 commentschoff10/09/14 at 17:34choff: The "no alongside " rules usually only a...
Regent 1973824 viewsAt Capetown5 commentschoff10/09/14 at 13:28DaveBurns: Had she de stored. Resource was not allowed alongs...
Colin Nicol, Brian Fowler, John Reville and Kenny Owen 323 views2 commentschoff09/04/14 at 07:45choff: From Nick Reville - "I can confirm that the p...
Dave Gatenby and PTO Dave Alford 253 viewsRFA Resource 1986 2 commentschoff08/13/14 at 11:06davealford: It's me ! Dave Alford
Falklands War Medal Presentation STON Staff from Devonport 454 viewsIncludes Messrs Priter,Taylor, Edgecombe, Ormerod, Spy and Searle. NB Edgecombe and Ormerod were survivors from the sinking of the Atlantic Conveyor. 1 commentsPaul Dyer07/29/14 at 10:02CORNISHPASTY: Includes Messrs Priter,Taylor,Edgecombe,Ormerod,Sp...
Sandie Brody, Bob Harris, Colin Smith and George Kindness 397 viewsRFA Regent2 commentschoff06/08/14 at 15:31candjharvey: AO Air Stores/Victualling Colin Smith
Chris Harvey LightJackstay transfer from RFA Regent 302 views1 commentschoff06/08/14 at 15:29candjharvey: AO (AS) Chris Harvey LightJackstay transfer from R...
Cowes 2013458 views2 commentsALC204/04/14 at 11:26sandy: If this qualifies as a "ston" photo no w...
Messrs ?, Davis, Brooks, Rowney and Fowler 336 views2 commentschoff04/04/14 at 06:34Jeff: File 898 Peter ( Pixie) Brooks is right of Graham ...
RFA Regent Sto(N) Dept 1980543 viewsKeith Beaumont, Tony Prout, Andy Vincent,
Foreground: ?, Steve Niles.
From Tony Prout -->
1 commentschoff04/03/14 at 05:55Jeff: Keith Beaumont is sitting left of Tony Prout
RFA Regent Sto(N) Dept 1980706 viewsLenny King, Bill George, Maurice Vincent, John Macmullen, Peter Gray, Porter Milburn, Mike Porter, Keith Beaumont, Ian Scott, Tony Prout, Ray Hooper, Steve Niles, Laurie Redman, Tam ?, Andy Vincent.
3 commentschoff04/03/14 at 05:50Jeff: The guys next to Mike porter are Keith Beaumont an...
Dave Walker, Nigel Hughes, ?, Kevin Durrant, Steve Brown, Mike Salmon, Derek Nicholson & Malcolm Jennings 393 views2 commentschoff03/31/14 at 06:09Phil Walters: 4th from L Kevin Durrant.
Ashore in Split '95-'96563 viewsLeft to Right - AB Scott Fenton, Pat Hughes, Pete Fry, Paul Morgan, Allan Muller3 commentsPat Hughes03/22/14 at 03:08david norris: nice seeing that smile pat
STON Dept Fort Rosalie 2012715 viewsBack Row Left to Right
Kevin Bell, Rab Temple, Dave Murkin, Mike Owen, John Dalgleish, Rob Peachey, Hugh Leech and Greg Williams
Front Row: Christina Condradt AO, Malcolm Knight DSTON, Steve Brown STON and Paul Mackay Planner.
2 commentschoff03/22/14 at 03:01david norris: you havent changed little mo but you need to diet ...
284 viewsAlex Tait, Neil Baker, Stuart Skinner and Mike Salmon1 commentschoff02/02/14 at 13:25intergalactic ao: Alex Tait, Neil Baker, Stuart Skinner and Mike Sal...
?, Brian 'Pockets' Wright and Mike Salmon 338 views2 commentschoff02/02/14 at 13:21intergalactic ao: ?, Brian 'Pockets' Wright and Mike Salmo...
Dave Sleaman and Graham Whatley 284 views2 commentschoff01/14/14 at 09:09Phil Walters: Dave Sleaman
RFA Fort Grange538 views STON Rod Poustie, Jack Bowness and Colin Smith? 2 commentschoff11/19/13 at 12:31DGST(N)_Br11: Rod Poustie and (I think) Jack Bowness and Colin S...
Bob Kelly and Adam Bryce 427 views2 commentschoff11/15/13 at 12:24STP(N): Not sure who Hibs were playing that day
STON Dept Fort Rosalie 2012754 viewsYes, all of them!5 commentschoff10/08/13 at 08:56DGST(N)_Br11: Yeh, that'll fix it - STO(N) (...)
Adam Bryce313 views2 commentschoff10/08/13 at 08:41DGST(N)_Br11: L or H .....................
Keith Beaumont and Kelvin Stewart344 views1 commentschoff09/23/13 at 04:35Curly: Keith Beaumont and Kelvin Stewart
Marcus Graham, Mike Atkins and Dave Bulley485 views2 commentschoff09/23/13 at 04:30Curly: The chap in the middle looks like Mike Atkins
Dave Bulley, Kelvin Stewart, Keith Moody, Richard Sprague, Jerrry Hunter and Colin Fraser459 views1 commentschoff09/23/13 at 04:26Curly: Next to Dave Bulley is Kelvin Stewart and Keith Mo...
Regent 1971 & 1972756 views1971:Back: ?, ?, ?, Phillips, Donally, ?, ?, Scamp, Kirkwood, Rees, Morris, Gallimore, Hall, Prout, ?, Walters, Cabble, Ottaway-Grenville, ?, Cairnie, ?, Pearce.
Front: Lovett, Douthwaite, Walker, Seager, Downie, Hearn, Hayes, Cridland, Lloyd-Davis, Sparks, Campbell, Osborne, Bell, Hamlyn, Jago.
1972:Back: Wickens, Jessop, Vincent, Gallimore, ?, Harries, ?, Hardwick, Hind, Blackie, Frampton, ?, White, ?, ?, Hall, Rees, ?, Cabble, Prout, Jago, Rumford, Albrighton, Green, McMartin, Johnston, ?, Walters, ?, O'Leary, ?, Pearce, Scamp, McGarry, Malcolm.
Front: Bell, Osborne, Walker, Noakes, Lovett, Downie, Todd, Smith, Lloyd-Davis, Hearn, Betts, Angus, Reade, Seager.
2 commentschoff09/19/13 at 07:58choff: Beacuse the server crashed and the site had to be ...
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