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Resource 1974 - Plymouth772 views3/O Ian Pilling, 3/E Bob Kirk ? and A.N.Other2 commentsNeilA11/27/19 at 19:20Steve Oatey: Extreme right peeking in is John Cook.
Details awaited329 views1 commentsSC-UK11/23/19 at 16:38CORNISHPASTY: Messrs (...)
Details awaited312 views1 commentsSC-UK11/23/19 at 16:36CORNISHPASTY: Messrs Chatterton,McFarlane,Leech
Details awaited310 views1 commentsSC-UK11/23/19 at 16:34CORNISHPASTY: Davy Chatterton
Details awaited348 views1 commentsSC-UK11/23/19 at 16:33CORNISHPASTY: Messrs Chatterton,Goodall,McFarlane,Rhodes
PR Photo625 viewsRon D'Souza 3EO (Not related to the others,)3 commentschoff11/16/19 at 15:33Kickstart: Don't think it's Hebe. Looks like a Rove...
Mystery Prop / Drydock735 views2 commentsReg Barrett10/09/19 at 15:16Reg Barrett: I thinkyou are right it is Phil MacNally, Retainer...
Olmeda February 1968658 viewsSenior ships writer1 commentsReg Barrett10/09/19 at 15:05Reg Barrett: I think this is John McCrystal
Wave Chief 1974423 viewsBoat Deck Bar Port Side

Mike Jamieson 2EO, Ben 4EO, Rab Thomson RO, Chay Blyth Yacht Master, Norman Bothwell CEO.
Andy Sinclair 3EO, Geraldine Jamieson.
1 commentsSC-UK09/11/19 at 04:25Steve Oatey: I have tried for several years to remember the 4th...
John Stones & Dougie Cunningham498 views1 commentsAlperian08/20/19 at 17:19Steve Oatey: Far left Keith Smeaton. Fort Austin 1983.
Retainer - 1964879 viewsJoe Woodall J/RO, Dennis Brown J/E, Mike Jamieson, Retainer 19641 commentsSC-UK07/08/19 at 21:27Clankie: Yes, Mike Jamieson, 1st trip Eng Cadet...
John (Jock) McClelland 4EO769 viewsFort Dunvegan 1964-52 commentschoff07/04/19 at 18:43Clankie: A great pal of mine, when he was CEO of an “O” boa...
Bob Crockett889 viewsPearleaf 19763 commentschoff07/04/19 at 18:35Clankie: I sailed with Bob on the Empire Gull, my first 2EO...
Pearleaf 1980/81647 viewsShaun ??? Choff on right...maybe!
Alan Roach.
2 commentsMac McElroy06/12/19 at 07:46Steve Oatey: Kim Watts on the left.
628 viewsReignite 20072 commentschoff06/12/19 at 07:45Steve Oatey: Ron Hornsby in red shirt.
RFA FORT AUSTIN 1983541 views1 commentsPaul Dyer06/07/19 at 08:09Steve Oatey: This was a great bunch of guys. Upside down Chris...
Escotts & Wilsons369 views1 commentschoff05/21/19 at 18:59Steve Oatey: Top left is Diane Oatey
Fort Grange Global 86 Freemantle 695 viewsChris MacKenzie &2 commentsfinners05/08/19 at 23:22ollywest: That's me presenting the Pipe Major with a ca...
RFA Fort Austin 1998 - 1999313 viewsAdam Bryce and Alex Goodwin1 commentsSC-UK04/29/19 at 07:55Steve Oatey: Clearly Fort Grange!
John Sail ... Gary Wilson338 views1 commentschoff04/19/19 at 07:47Steve Oatey: I don't think that's John Sail. See pho...
594 views2 commentschoff04/06/19 at 20:22Steve Oatey: Paul Greenough far left.
RFA Regent - 1992601 viewsAckerman, Neesham, ?, Norris, McGregor, Cruddas, Tam, Scott1 commentsSC-UK04/02/19 at 11:35candjharvey: 3rd left Alan Scott Fitter?
Doc Tarbatness420 viewsPort Louis, Mauritius 1972.1 commentschoff03/30/19 at 07:00Steve Oatey: Far left Jim McKie
Chris Gatenby498 views1 commentschoff03/30/19 at 06:56Steve Oatey: And Dave Soden
Catering Officer Brian Read686 viewsand the face nearest the camera is strangely familiar?4 commentschoff03/30/19 at 06:54Steve Oatey: On the left Tony Tomkins, R/O (ex-RCN)
Blue Rover Battle Honours 597 viewsCapt DA Reynolds & Mr A. Kemp
Not to mention Dick Coles, Rod Deller?, Geoff Meek, Frank Andrews, Capt Barrie Dickinson, Jim Denning?, David Turner & more.
2 commentschoff03/26/19 at 08:21Peter Twiss: Extreme right Dave Turner, Dave Croft the fourth f...
Blue Rover Battle Honours 597 viewsCapt DA Reynolds & Mr A. Kemp
Not to mention Dick Coles, Rod Deller?, Geoff Meek, Frank Andrews, Capt Barrie Dickinson, Jim Denning?, David Turner & more.
2 commentschoff03/26/19 at 06:51Steve Oatey: On the right, hands clasped in front is Paul Chees...
594 views2 commentschoff03/24/19 at 12:35Peter Twiss: Paul Farrow fourth from the left.
Geoff Davies left.440 views2 commentschoff03/24/19 at 12:31Peter Twiss: Peter Henney stood next to the Duke of Edinburgh.
Barrie Dickinson, Jamie Taff, Jerry Brooks, Geoff Wilson.556 views1979 Grey Rover, Portland tanker.3 commentschoff03/19/19 at 03:51Steve Oatey: Far end of table is Geoff Stokes and wife.
Geoff Davies left.440 views2 commentschoff03/17/19 at 18:27Steve Oatey: Andy Stirling on the right, back to camera. Fort...
Stromness Revellers675 viewsL-R. R/O Geoff Pickin,NYK, 2/O Alfie Cole, Schoolteacher Little Meg, Navs Nigel Burgess, NYK. 7 commentsKing Ratt02/07/19 at 18:21King Ratt: Names should def read from R to L
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