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Bayleaf573 viewsRay Brewer, Dave Hoyland, Alex Parker, Dudley Scorgie.6 commentschoff01/22/11 at 21:09Mick Spear: Alex Parker on Dudley's right.
Back - Barry Layson, Adrian Cole , ? : Front - Bill Fallow, ?, Martin Troman 749 views8 commentschoff01/22/11 at 21:07Mick Spear: Back row far left - Barry Layson
RFA Resource 1976 709 viewsBack Row Gerry ?,Chief Eng Stan Pilling, Malcolm Jennings, Derek Lyon and Bill Tuttiett
Front Row Brian Hobbs Fridge Eng, Des Rogers, Brian Jones and David Soden
9 commentschoff01/22/11 at 21:03Mick Spear: Dave Soden front right with Kipper tie!
Fort Victoria 1998541 viewsSee Names1 commentschoff01/22/11 at 21:00Mick Spear: Front row L-R Roger Parnell, Geoff Norsworthy, Don...
Roy Smith and Sandra. 431 views1 commentschoff01/22/11 at 20:55Mick Spear: 2nd and 3rd from left - Roy Smith and his wife San...
Bosun Stevie Dale, PO Deck Mick Burton. SSK Steve Williams. 401 views1 commentschoff01/22/11 at 20:52Mick Spear: L-R Bosun Stevie Dale, PO Deck Mick Burton. SSK St...
CPO SA Kevin Hancock and SSK Steve Williams 382 views1 commentschoff01/22/11 at 20:51Mick Spear: CPO SA Kevin Hancock and SSK Steve Williams
?, Brian Waters & DSTON John McKee 461 views2 commentschoff01/22/11 at 20:45Mick Spear: DSTON Donald McGhee on his left
Andy Summers & Andy Bishop 440 views1 commentschoff01/22/11 at 20:42Mick Spear: Andy Summers on left and Andy Bishop on right.
Officers Xmas Lunch RFA Fort Victoria715 viewsDave Cooper, Scott Tait, Martin Khightley, Roy & Sandra Smith, Paul Cheeseman, Ralph Donkin.
2 commentschoff01/22/11 at 20:41Mick Spear: Martin Khightley, officer with glasses' Lady ...
452 views3/O Brown Ranger2 commentschoff01/21/11 at 12:16choff: But is this not the same one thought to be Peter B...
Captain John Wallace 413 viewsSir Bedivere1 commentsAlperian01/21/11 at 12:01silverover: John Wallace
Max Radford 445 views2 commentsAlperian01/21/11 at 11:59silverover: Max Radford
Peter Bishop ?375 views3/O Brown Ranger1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 11:56silverover: Probably Peter Bishop
452 views3/O Brown Ranger2 commentschoff01/21/11 at 11:56silverover: Almost certainly a very young Neville Wright
John Cole R/O 396 viewsFort Austin1 commentsAlperian01/21/11 at 11:12King Ratt: John Cole R/O
Andy Shiels R/O 527 viewsTidereach1 commentsJohn Breckon01/21/11 at 11:03King Ratt: Andy Shiels R/O
J. Mark Sutton SRO 546 viewsTidereach1 commentsJohn Breckon01/21/11 at 11:02King Ratt: J. Mark Sutton SRO
Dave Harvey & Andy Kaye518 views1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 11:00silverover: Andy Kaye - reached 2EO and left to go commercial ...
Mike Norfolk 391 viewsFort Austin1 commentsAlperian01/21/11 at 09:38Paul Dyer: Mike Norfolk
RFA FORT AUSTIN 1983436 viewsRon Shipp; Ian Nicolson; John McKee; Peter Bulmer; Dave Soden; Dave Moore; Ernie Marriott; Andy Davidson 1 commentsPaul Dyer01/21/11 at 09:02Paul Dyer: L to R: Ron Shipp; Ian Nicolson; John McKee; Peter...
STONs RFA Fort Austin 1982 632 viewsFront Row: (L to R) Laurie Redman; _ Carson; Steve Smith; Steve Macro; Paul Dyer; George James. Second Row: Tony Letchford; Bob Willing; Derek Martin; Paul Wing; Terry Jewitt; Chris Friend; Third Row: Colin Flaherty; _ _ ; Rod Collar; John McKee; Jake Johnstone; Jim Quirk; Barry Lane; Hugh McGarvie. Back Row: George Smith; Lenny King; Phil Phillips ; John Spy; Richard Beaumont; Tony Souter 2 commentsPaul Dyer01/21/11 at 08:57Paul Dyer: Front Row: (L to R) Laurie Redman; Roy Carson; Ste...
Dave Allen524 viewsOn Radio Victory1 commentsPaul Dyer01/21/11 at 08:39Paul Dyer: I believe it was Dave Allen
George Baldacchino399 views holding forth and holding drink 1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 08:39King Ratt: George Baldacchino holding forth and holding drink
Doc Stewart 383 viewsFort Rosalie1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 08:36King Ratt: Doctor Stewart I reckon.
Messrs, Sugden, Brown and Simpkins 296 views1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 04:50CORNISHPASTY: Messrs,Sugden,Brown and Simpkins
Messrs Brown, Simpkins and Pretswell 244 views1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 04:50CORNISHPASTY: Messrs Brown,Simpkins and Pretswell
DSTON Donald Carmichael 246 views1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 04:49CORNISHPASTY: DSTON Donald Carmichael
DSTON Brian Littler 240 views1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 04:48CORNISHPASTY: DSTON Brian Littler
Bob Harris, Brian Littler and John Hawke 316 views1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 04:48CORNISHPASTY: Bob Harris,Brian Littler and John Hawke
Brian Johnson 222 views1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 04:47CORNISHPASTY: Brian Johnson
Brians McCluskey and Williams 323 views1 commentschoff01/21/11 at 04:45CORNISHPASTY: (...) and Williams
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