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Colin Cheater 319 views1 commentschoff04/10/11 at 09:24CORNISHPASTY: Colin Cheater
Messrs. Richardson, ? Mayberry, ?, Walker and Fraser 278 viewsRFA Fort Rosalie1 commentschoff04/10/11 at 07:03CORNISHPASTY: Fort Rosalie Messrs.Richardson,?Mayberry,?,Walker ...
RFA Fort Grange312 views Back Row Mackey, Hewitt, Nicholson, Dancey, Battley
Front Row Frank Markey, Paul Lapham and Andy Jackson
1 commentschoff04/10/11 at 06:59CORNISHPASTY: RFA Fort Grange Back Row Mackey,Hewitt,Nicholson,D...
Davy Mcintyre, Kevin Williams, Lee Baldwin and Brian Whittle 256 views2 commentschoff04/10/11 at 06:51CORNISHPASTY: Davy Mcintyre,Kevin Williams,? and Brian Whittle
Dai Griffiths, ?, Joe Hobbs, Davy McIntyre, Keith Dingley, Maurice Mullan and ? 288 viewsRFA Resource c19882 commentschoff04/10/11 at 06:50CORNISHPASTY: ?,?,?,Davy McIntyre,Keith Dingley,Maurice Mullen a...
Dave Newcomb and Keith Beaumont 260 views2 commentschoff04/10/11 at 06:49CORNISHPASTY: Dave Newcomb and ?
Lee Baldwin and Brian Whittle 225 views2 commentschoff04/09/11 at 09:58CORNISHPASTY: ? and Brian Whittle
George Gruber, Bill Danger, Barry Lane, Alistair Rankin, Archie Moores (PTO). 378 views3 commentschoff04/09/11 at 09:55CORNISHPASTY: George Gruber,?,Barry Lane,? and ?
Lee Cloutman and Dave Newcomb 204 views1 commentschoff04/09/11 at 09:52CORNISHPASTY: Lee Cloutman and Dave Newcomb
Andy Cross, Paul Kelly , Dave Parker, Dave Garland, George Furguson, ?,?,? 328 views2 commentschoff04/09/11 at 09:46CORNISHPASTY: ?,Dave Parker,Dave Garland,George Furguson,?,?,?
STON Dept MV Saxonia 416 viewsBack Row Ray Butt, Dave Parker, Malcolm Knight,Trevor Hawkins, Paul Hamson
Front Row Tom Galloway, Murray Gallagher and Gary Cook
3 commentschoff04/09/11 at 09:44CORNISHPASTY: Back Row Ray Butt,Dave Parker,Malcolm Knight,Trevo...
Sandie Brody, Bob Harris, Colin Smith and George Kindness 400 viewsRFA Regent2 commentschoff04/09/11 at 09:37CORNISHPASTY: RFA Regent Sandy Brodie,Bob Harris,? and George Ki...
Stan Kingston605 viewsLyness 19801 commentschoff04/08/11 at 07:32CORNISHPASTY: Stan Kingston Engineer
?, Brian Waters & DSTON John McKee 454 views2 commentschoff03/24/11 at 08:47CORNISHPASTY: ?,Briam Waters and John McKee DSTON
Cat Asst Paul Hannant, DSTON John McKee407 views 1997 Fort Austin 2 commentschoff03/24/11 at 08:46CORNISHPASTY: Cat Asst Paul Hannant and John McKee DSTON RFA For...
Cyril Springett, Asif Ali and Ted Jacobson DSTON445 views RFA Resource 1 commentschoff03/24/11 at 08:44CORNISHPASTY: Cyril Springett,Asif Ali and Ted Jacobson DSTON
?, Pete McGuire PTO & Ian Gough415 views1 commentschoff03/24/11 at 08:42CORNISHPASTY: ?,Pete McGuire PTO and Captain Ian Gough
Neil Mattison playing the organ & Ralph Donkin389 views1 commentschoff03/24/11 at 08:39CORNISHPASTY: Neil Mattison playing the organ
Dave Smith 361 views1 commentschoff03/24/11 at 08:37CORNISHPASTY: Dave Smith Radio Officer
RFA Resource 1976 696 viewsBack Row Gerry ?,Chief Eng Stan Pilling, Malcolm Jennings, Derek Lyon and Bill Tuttiett
Front Row Brian Hobbs Fridge Eng, Des Rogers, Brian Jones and David Soden
9 commentschoff03/24/11 at 06:52CORNISHPASTY: It was actually a sunday afternoon session
Tony Davies, Dave Walker, Captain Pelley, Paul Judge and Richard Wilson 274 views1 commentschoff03/20/11 at 10:13CORNISHPASTY: Tony Davies,Dave Walker,Captain Pelley,Paul Judge ...
Marriane Rattray 243 views1 commentschoff03/20/11 at 10:12CORNISHPASTY: Marriane Rattray
Messrs Darroch, Rowe, Thomas Milne and McTeague.272 views Fort Grange 1993. 2 commentschoff03/20/11 at 10:10CORNISHPASTY: Messrs Darroch,Rowe,Thomas Milne and ?
Cliff Rowe and Neil Rowney 278 views2 commentschoff03/20/11 at 10:09CORNISHPASTY: Cliff Rowe and Neil Rowney
RFA FORT AUSTIN 1982462 viewsMessrs Souter, Quirk, Dyer, Lane, Marriott, Spy, Beaumont, McKee and Nicholson.
1 commentsPaul Dyer03/20/11 at 09:57CORNISHPASTY: Messrs Souter,Quirk,Dyer,Lane ,Marriott,Spy,Beaumo...
SA1 Dick Healy 335 viewsThe nanny software won't allow D**K in comments1 commentschoff03/20/11 at 09:52CORNISHPASTY: SA1 Richard Healy
Eric Griffiths RFA Regent 1987 399 views3 commentschoff03/20/11 at 09:51CORNISHPASTY: Eric Griffiths RFA Regent 1987
Barry Roberts, Mark Willcocks, Steve Cummins and Kevin Cooper 314 viewsRFA Fort Grange 1999 Split1 commentschoff03/19/11 at 09:46CORNISHPASTY: Barry Roberts,Mark Willcocks,Steve Cummins and Kev...
Messrs Knight, Fraser, Williams, Nash and Atkins 363 viewsRFA Fort Rosalie1 commentschoff03/19/11 at 09:45CORNISHPASTY: RFA Fort Rosalie Messrs Knight,Fraser,Williams,Nas...
STON Officers RFA Resource 394 viewsJudge, Meek, Ross and Durrant 2 commentschoff03/19/11 at 09:43CORNISHPASTY: STON Officers RFA Resource inc Judge,Meek,Ross and...
Alan Dawe, John March, Richard Dawson and Alan Mines 292 viewsRFA Resource1 commentschoff03/19/11 at 09:41CORNISHPASTY: RFA Resource Alan Dawe,John March,Richard Dawson a...
Mark Flynn and Mick Burns 221 views1 commentschoff03/19/11 at 09:40CORNISHPASTY: Mark Flynn and Mick Burns
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