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Suez Canal?281 viewsTBA1 commentsSC-UK03/26/21 at 14:22CORNISHPASTY: Tom Fraser and Cyril Reynolds
Gibraltar?309 views1 commentsSC-UK03/26/21 at 14:20CORNISHPASTY: ? Dave Moore, John March and Tom Fraser
RFA Resource 1979 - 1980299 viewsPhot: via Karen Fraser1 commentsSC-UK03/18/21 at 17:53CORNISHPASTY: Roy Harries, Bill Boyter,Tom Fraser, ?, ?, John Ma...
RFA Resource 1979 - 1980147 viewsRoy Harries, Des Edwards, Tom Fraser, Bob Rose
Phot: via Karen Fraser
1 commentsSC-UK03/18/21 at 17:50CORNISHPASTY: Roy Harries, Des Edwards, Tom Fraser, Bob Rose
RFA Resource 1979 - 1980145 viewsTom Fraser, Cyril Reynolds, Tom Morris, Roy Harries
Phot: via Karen Fraser
1 commentsSC-UK03/18/21 at 17:48CORNISHPASTY: Tom Fraser,Cyril Reynolds,Tom Morris,Roy Harries
STON Officers RFA Regent 535 views3 commentschoff02/19/20 at 11:39CORNISHPASTY: SOGD VS Tom Morris
Details awaited315 views1 commentsSC-UK11/23/19 at 16:38CORNISHPASTY: Messrs (...)
Details awaited301 views1 commentsSC-UK11/23/19 at 16:36CORNISHPASTY: Messrs Chatterton,McFarlane,Leech
Details awaited300 views1 commentsSC-UK11/23/19 at 16:34CORNISHPASTY: Davy Chatterton
Details awaited337 views1 commentsSC-UK11/23/19 at 16:33CORNISHPASTY: Messrs Chatterton,Goodall,McFarlane,Rhodes
RFA Regent - 1981 427 viewsPic via Paul Dyer & David Soden.1 commentsSC-UK01/31/19 at 14:17CORNISHPASTY: Messrs (...)
<Ship> - <Date> Info reqd.552 viewsPic: Chris Epps.1 commentsSC-UK12/01/18 at 09:09CORNISHPASTY: Messrs Epps , Weymouth
<Ship> - <Date> Info reqd.492 viewsPic: Chris Epps1 commentsSC-UK12/01/18 at 09:07CORNISHPASTY: Forbes Duncan , ? ,Chris Epps ,Andy Goodridge , ?
360 views2 commentsSC-UK11/13/18 at 12:52CORNISHPASTY: Back Row far right Steve Gardner
....., Tim Morris SOG'D', Norman Brown SOG'D', John Sumner CO, Ray Harding.612 viewsFort Grange 19814 commentschoff07/23/18 at 15:25CORNISHPASTY: This photo was donated by Ray Harding and that is ...
RFA Fort Grange STO(N) Dept - 1993 Operation Grapple - Yugoslavia546 viewsNote: names not 100% correct for positions:

Back - ?, Ray Evans, Trevor Morris, Jonathan Frost, ?, Graham Davis, Keith Dunkley, Lee, Mick Green, ?, Herbie Tam

Middle - Willie McIness, ?, Mike Marshall, ?, ?,Trev Cooper, Andy May , Dave, Peter Scallon, Phil, Ainsley Tapper, Mike Owen, Neil Rowney, Vic Ritchie

Front - Tom Darroch, Jim Morgan, Bob Harris, Derek Nash, Martyn Toy ,Dave Evans, Pete Roberts (STON), Neil Baker, Andy Hunt, Pat McTeague, David Campbell, Paul Reynolds, Andrew Pozzi
1 commentsPozzi06/18/18 at 08:57CORNISHPASTY: Last person back row Herbie Tam and third from rig...
Resource456 viewsJaws, Dave Dunn, Zorba, RFA Resource, South Atlantic 19822 commentsAyresome05/20/18 at 14:28CORNISHPASTY: Andy Goodridge Dave Dunn and ?
RFA Resource386 viewsJaws, Jimmy Goldie & John RFA Resource, South Atlantic 19821 commentsAyresome05/20/18 at 14:27CORNISHPASTY: Andy Goodridge Jimmy Goldie and John ?
RFA Regent - 1987507 viewsL - R Ian Chatten, Alex Sterling, Richard Board, Tony Powesland and Dave Evans (Gib 1987 ?) Tnx to 'CornishPasty' for names.3 commentsSC-UK04/30/18 at 15:16CORNISHPASTY: Ian Chatten Alex Sterling Richard Board Tony Powes...
RFA Resource - STON 1986702 viewsFull list of names awaited.1 commentsSC-UK10/07/17 at 14:07CORNISHPASTY: Back Two Rows : J McGill G Springer A Dodds J Fros...
RFA Fort Rosalie, 2004707 viewsLeft: Barry Hodgkins SSK aka Hubcaps, Mid: Ray "Foggy" Fogerty, Right: someone from AED Flight.1 commentsSC-UK05/07/17 at 11:34CORNISHPASTY: Barry Hodgkins SSK Ray Fogerty EMA Either Fort Aus...
RFA Fort Rosalie, 2004666 viewsRay Fogerty EMA - "Foggy" when RFA Fort Rosalie crossed the Equator on the way to Namibia in 2004. Foggy was a policeman that day.1 commentsSC-UK05/07/17 at 11:33CORNISHPASTY: Ray Fogerty EMA Probably during a crossing the lin...
Fort Austin 19801210 viewsDerek Holden, front left (apparently the first ever RFA Engineer cadet).
Pic. from Robin Bailey who seemed to remember Derek keeping a steering wheel under his bunk which belonged to the car he wrote off.
6 commentsSC-UK07/23/16 at 15:56CORNISHPASTY: second from left back row is Paul Farrow and third...
Craig McMillen, Dave Scott, Jim Devereux, Dickie Bird, Jake Sanders, Mike Davis.703 views(You are not allowed to say D**K in Comments!)3 commentschoff01/26/15 at 14:16CORNISHPASTY: 2nd from left Dave Scott
Resurgent Danger Island 1975665 viewsBack -Jerry Whittaker, Dave Scott, Dave Knapp
Centre - ?, Jake Sanders, Martin Seymour
Front - Frank Ash & ? .
4 commentschoff01/26/15 at 14:12CORNISHPASTY: Middle back row Dave Scott Clerical Officer
Graham Whatley486 viewsFort Austin1 commentschoff11/05/14 at 09:47CORNISHPASTY: Graham Whatley
Fort Grange 1982632 views2 commentschoff11/05/14 at 09:46CORNISHPASTY: Sixth from left Bert Swanson and Ninth from left L...
Falklands War Medal Presentation STON Staff from Devonport 454 viewsIncludes Messrs Priter,Taylor, Edgecombe, Ormerod, Spy and Searle. NB Edgecombe and Ormerod were survivors from the sinking of the Atlantic Conveyor. 1 commentsPaul Dyer07/29/14 at 10:02CORNISHPASTY: Includes Messrs Priter,Taylor,Edgecombe,Ormerod,Sp...
Resource in Split597 viewsPO(E) Ronnie Stewart centre with goggles.
Also Roy ? mechanic, Vic Brady, Paul Manchip and George Kindness STON Dept.
1 commentschoff11/09/13 at 04:50CORNISHPASTY: Picture includes Roy ? mechanic and Vic Brady,Paul...
Resource in Split 1993 - Beer Lift 598 viewsPallets of pig iron used to achieve trim necessary to ensure satellite TV reception. Colin McGregor operating the POEP. 1 commentschoff11/09/13 at 04:48CORNISHPASTY: Colin McGregor operating the POEP -Beer Lift
Fort Austin July 1979983 viewsFront row L-R Bill Jenkins, Steve Hodgson, John Austin, Ricky Johnson, Don Averill, Tom Humphries, Vince Nugent, Keith Thompson, Fred Barnes, Maurice Mann, Bob Pacey,
Middle Row L-R Keith May SOG 'D', Ernie Marriott, Bob Cook(Armament Clerical Officer (RiP)), Tony Gascoigne, Peter Stock, Andy Stirling, Ron Hoole, Jamie Muchie, Rory McCray, Ian Doolan, Ian Thompson, Martin Glannville, Mike Day, Roger Bowen, Bill Mackenzie, Jim Wood,
Back Row L-R Chris Saunderson, Mike McEllihinney, Colin Welsby, Des Rodgers, Nick Cole, Graham Swinnerton, Steve Walker, Mike Ainley, Andy Crawford, Jerry Hodge, Stuart Needham, Tom Wallace, John Cook, Alan Malpas, Robin Jones.
6 commentschoff10/06/13 at 14:45CORNISHPASTY: Ernie Marriot George Kindness Des Rogers and Micha...
?, Gerry Montgomery , ?, Dave Norris, ?, ? 478 views2 commentschoff05/30/13 at 07:31CORNISHPASTY: ?,Gerry Montgomery,?Dave Norris,?,?
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