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Last comments - Tedeagling
Dave Butler638 views1 commentschoff04/16/17 at 18:00Tedeagling: And Jerry Whittaker?
Geraint or Galahad Vancouver841 viewsBob Still, Ted Eagling, Martin Bunker3 commentsTedeagling02/23/17 at 08:24Tedeagling: YES Bob Still from South Africa
Fort Grange829 viewsFlight deck fancy dress parade, early '80s maybe?2 commentsTedeagling02/23/17 at 08:23Tedeagling: Ah OK most probably Fort Grange then ( It was 40 o...
Lyness 1978482 views Jnr Eng and R/O1 commentsjumpercollins01/12/15 at 17:14Tedeagling: R/O is Gethin ?
Appleleaf 1980/81499 views 4th Eng Rob Cranstone / LO Paul Gibbs / 2/0 Trevor Hickmott5 commentsjumpercollins10/16/14 at 19:15Tedeagling: Middle is an Electrician
Fort Grange Falklands 821289 viewsTed Eagling, Paul Robson, Alex Blackwood, E/C, Fridge Eng, E/C, PCMD.2 commentsTedeagling11/28/12 at 06:20Tedeagling: Paul Robson
Fort Grange Falklands995 viewsE/C, E/C, Alec Blackwood,Tom McDonald ,E/C, Mike Zorab, PCMD, Paul Robson, Ted Eagling, 4EO, 2EO Ken Holder ? . 4EO. Fridge Engineers ? + Adam Ventre in front.3 commentsTedeagling11/28/12 at 06:19Tedeagling: Paul Robson 8th from left, Other Fridge Eng is Pet...
Engineers Galahad?859 viewsIan Schumacker in the centre? Keith Gawthorn on the right.4 commentsTedeagling11/25/12 at 14:16Tedeagling: The name rings a bell, I think 3rd left is Keith ?...
Pearleaf 1973702 viewsAlan Lloyd left, Chris McClean centre, John Francis 4th left, Patrick Dwyer behind. 3 commentsTedeagling11/21/12 at 02:44Tedeagling: My mistake! Pearleaf. Alan lloyd left, John Franci...
Engineers at Rest521 viewsPhil Jones, Bruce Bedwell, Patrick Dwyer, Alan Lloyd.
1 commentschoff11/20/12 at 14:00Tedeagling: 2nd left is Bruce Bedwell
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