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RFA Regent - 1987523 viewsL - R Ian Chatten, Alex Sterling, Richard Board, Tony Powesland and Dave Evans (Gib 1987 ?) Tnx to 'CornishPasty' for names.3 commentsSC-UK04/29/18 at 09:21DGST(N)_Br11: Spot on Paul, the (...) Board PTO, ? & Dave Evans ...
RFA Regent - 1987411 viewsJohn Cheshire, Tom Marchbanks A01, Mark Taylor (as at 2018: living in WA?)
3 commentsSC-UK04/29/18 at 09:20DGST(N)_Br11: Tom took over from me, Martin must have replaced P...
Passage to Caribtrain '87.567 viewsOlwen / Ark / Regent
Argonaut / Scumton / Aurora
Bristol leading the charge
2 commentsDGST(N)_Br1111/02/14 at 09:28DGST(N)_Br11: Oops!!
Delboy is Sixty384 viewsA montage of the boy himself1 commentsALC211/01/14 at 17:04DGST(N)_Br11: TW*T (bet you're finally happy for som...
RFA Fort Grange543 views STON Rod Poustie, Jack Bowness and Colin Smith? 2 commentschoff11/19/13 at 12:31DGST(N)_Br11: Rod Poustie and (I think) Jack Bowness and Colin S...
STON Dept Fort Rosalie 2012765 viewsYes, all of them!5 commentschoff10/08/13 at 08:56DGST(N)_Br11: Yeh, that'll fix it - STO(N) (...)
Adam Bryce319 views2 commentschoff10/08/13 at 08:41DGST(N)_Br11: L or H .....................
Arty Phot - FTAU 2006 in Madeira467 views(c) Steve Rhodes at a guess!!2 commentsDGST(N)_Br1106/20/11 at 04:10DGST(N)_Br11: I stand corrected - just checked with the man hims...
Alastair Rankin, CBC, Kevin Pickford, Derek Nicholson.562 views2 commentschoff04/19/11 at 05:16DGST(N)_Br11: Right is Derek Nicholson
Graham Cheshire 215 views1 commentschoff03/28/11 at 04:59DGST(N)_Br11: Graham Cheshire
Frank Ross 269 views1 commentschoff03/28/11 at 04:58DGST(N)_Br11: Frank Ross
Mike Elsom (DSTO(N) Fort Austin 265 views1 commentschoff03/28/11 at 04:56DGST(N)_Br11: Centre - Mike Elsom (DSTO(N) Fort Austin
Andy 'Shags' Cross 204 views2 commentschoff03/28/11 at 04:52DGST(N)_Br11: Andy 'Shags' Cross
Jack Bowness 187 views1 commentschoff03/28/11 at 04:38DGST(N)_Br11: Jack Bowness
STON Dept RFA Fort Rosalie 387 views?, ?, Roy Greenhalf, Louise Thomson, Ged Lafferty, Ryan Smallridge, ???? 2 commentschoff03/28/11 at 04:21DGST(N)_Br11: It's Fort Rosalie. L-R ?, ?, Roy Greenhalf,...
Mike Turner, Jamie Dawson, Frank Markay, Steve Rhodes 248 views1 commentschoff03/28/11 at 04:11DGST(N)_Br11: L-R, Mike Turner, Jamie Dawson, Frank Markay, Stev...
Matt Burton .... Mark Birchall, Dave Scott .. Tony Goodall ...530 views2 commentschoff03/28/11 at 03:33DGST(N)_Br11: Matt Burton on the left, Tony Goodall third from r...
513 viewsSean Connell, Ryan Smallridge, Davie Davidson, Steve Rhodes, Tony Goodall, Kenny Morrisson . 3 commentschoff03/28/11 at 03:31DGST(N)_Br11: Left to right -Sean Connell, Ryan Smallridge, Davi...
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