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Resource, main switchboard guest list.911 viewsWhen the junior ranks of the electrical dept went on standby in Resource there was a centre consol with a piece of lino like stuff set into the desk. Over the years bored staff found if you turned over the lino it had been signed by previous electrical staff. We were always getting left in the switchboard as no one would remember to tell us standby was finished...!!!
3 commentsdindanlo10/18/15 at 17:55dindanlo: Gerry Ralph the ELO who took Rescource to scrap h...
Harry Biggs Retirement Presentation.920 views RFA Engadine 19882 commentschoff05/28/15 at 18:15dindanlo: Still going strong in Brixham, according to Chris ...
Oggies for the Gulf War752 viewsPhoto courtesy of Ivor Dewdney.3 commentschoff05/12/15 at 19:04dindanlo: Colin Grylls, Purser, 2nd left.
A brace of R/O's John French on the right683 views1 commentsdindanlo11/30/14 at 16:18dindanlo: Just remembered the R/O on the left, ?? Leppard.
BARRY THOMPSON, GRAHAM COLLINS 681 viewsLYNESS 78 ANTIGUA9 commentsjumpercollins11/08/14 at 08:19dindanlo: Hope you put a first class stamp on it, nothing re...
BARRY THOMPSON, GRAHAM COLLINS 681 viewsLYNESS 78 ANTIGUA9 commentsjumpercollins11/05/14 at 19:37dindanlo: Fine Graham, OAP this month! Sailed with Ross a f...
BARRY THOMPSON, GRAHAM COLLINS 681 viewsLYNESS 78 ANTIGUA9 commentsjumpercollins11/05/14 at 17:33dindanlo: Yes Graham, I do remember that afternoon, off our ...
Lyness 1978580 views ?, Dave Hoyland, Barry Thompson, Ross Miller, ?, Graham Collins, ?4 commentsjumpercollins10/26/14 at 17:06dindanlo: The young lady was a wife of one of the Jnr engine...
Appleleaf 1980/81499 views 4th Eng Rob Cranstone / LO Paul Gibbs / 2/0 Trevor Hickmott5 commentsjumpercollins10/17/14 at 17:17dindanlo: ELO in the middle is Paul Gibbs, Last I heard he w...
PR Photo859 viewsMick Bentley 10 commentschoff11/07/13 at 13:36dindanlo: The tandem set was a deisel engine connected to a ...
1981 - Pearleaf Engineers - Mombasa719 viewsOn safari in 1981 near Mombasa - incl. Bob Stevens, Martin Leake, Ian Dunbar, 2EO D. Rosario, 4 commentsSC-UK10/27/13 at 13:46dindanlo: Bob Smith left, Ian Dunbar centre.
Pearleaf 1976605 viewsPancho centre stage.
From Ian Thompson -->
3 commentschoff09/22/13 at 12:45dindanlo: Don't think that's Bob Evans.
4EO Phil Jones.804 viewsPearleaf 19764 commentschoff09/22/13 at 12:43dindanlo: CEO Bob Crockett.
Blues Brothers Fort Grange 1986 843 viewsWe're on a mission from God!
Including Rod Marshall, Barry Thompson, Bob Roullier, Geoff Stokes, Jim Devine, Paul Minter, Alan Storey and Ian Simmonds .
5 commentschoff05/14/13 at 13:08dindanlo: Yes Alan Storey, unfortunately this picture is bac...
Resource 1974 - Plymouth760 views3/O Ian Pilling, 3/E Bob Kirk ? and A.N.Other2 commentsNeilA04/02/13 at 14:16dindanlo: 3/E looks like Bob Kirk.
Colin Parnell & Phil Lloyd505 views1 commentschoff03/14/13 at 15:20dindanlo: Colin Parnell, engineer, left and who? Have been i...
RFA Fort Austin 1983714 viewsForeground - John Harpum & Steve Griffin.3 commentschoff03/05/13 at 12:44dindanlo: Look like engineer, Steve Griffin.
Fort Grange Global 86 Freemantle 687 viewsChris MacKenzie &2 commentsfinners12/13/12 at 12:20dindanlo: I rememder that night well, what a fine sound they...
Alan Storey700 views Fort Grange Xmas 86 with future wife Anita1 commentsfinners12/11/12 at 13:48dindanlo: I've just seen myself, to the right of the ma...
Geoff Stokes 795 viewsFort Grange Xmas 86, bet you I can drink a pint without using my hands.2 commentsfinners12/11/12 at 13:28dindanlo: I was there and first saw Geoff do this trick in A...
3rd EO Gold Rover681 viewsBob Evans2 commentsTedeagling12/06/12 at 14:35dindanlo: Yes I agree, Bob Evans
485 views2 commentsAlperian10/21/12 at 12:09dindanlo: Arkas, steering gear problems I would guess
Grey Rover 1989644 viewsL/R, Jed Macanley Deck Officer, Rik Hudson Eng, Barry Thompson Elect, Danny Lumsden, Purser. 4 commentsdindanlo10/21/12 at 12:04dindanlo: Hi Dave, When on Carribean Tanker duties Rovers ca...
Warsash Management Course 1984801 viewsFrom Brian Ley9 commentschoff07/23/12 at 14:19dindanlo: Saw Brian Ley on Mon, front row right is George Fa...
Warsash Management Course 1984801 viewsFrom Brian Ley9 commentschoff07/09/12 at 12:53dindanlo: Middle row, 1 left Ray Brewer, 2 left Tam Adams, 4...
RFA Resurgent 1976745 views Lee"Tubby" Priter and ships officers4 commentschoff06/12/12 at 13:53dindanlo: Centre front is John Oliver, started off as deck c...
John McKee and Ron Savage824 viewsRFA Resurgent 1978 4 commentschoff05/28/12 at 12:22dindanlo: Ron Savage, Snr Purser
Lyness 1980693 viewsMaurice Mullings far left, two STON (white shirts), Me in middle, Tony Tomkins (CanUk) R/O
to right, other R/O Nigel Thompson next right
3 commentsMac McElroy04/29/12 at 12:09dindanlo: R/O right is Nigel Thompson
Molly Andrews624 viewsEngineers Appointer1 commentschoff01/29/12 at 11:57dindanlo: I wonder if dear old Molly knew she was immortalis...
Laurence Doyle479 viewsDiligence1 commentschoff12/15/11 at 08:12dindanlo: Laurence Doyle, rushing to finish before smoko sta...
Fort Grange, (Global '86 Headache)731 viewsA quiet night in, Dave Green, Jim Trunks, Barry Thompson, Alan Storey, Bob Roullier.
Bar bills were rather high I remember..!!
1 commentsdindanlo11/04/11 at 03:21dindanlo: Alan Storey centre, bar bills rather high, I remem...
Mickey Grouke627 viewsEn route to Rio on the Diligence1 commentsciaran.jefferies10/25/11 at 13:21dindanlo: Third left, the other side of Brian Collins
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