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Last comments - John Kingston
Dave Butler683 views2 commentschoff08/05/21 at 22:31John Kingston: I agree with it being Jerry Whittaker and also Ric...
Hamish Choudhury, Joe Fordham & Brian Taylor547 views2 commentsAlperian08/05/21 at 21:51John Kingston: Worked the 12-4 with Joe Fordham on Wave Chief Jan...
Orangeleaf 1973 - Broken down in the South China Sea!!336 viewsL to R
Eng Cadet, JEO? Jerry Whittaker Eng Cadet,
Kevin O’Neil CEO, Mike Jamieson 2EO.

Limped back to Singapore on 5 cylinders.
1 commentsSC-UK08/05/21 at 20:34John Kingston: Other Engineer cadet looks like Rick Hudson, both ...
Orangeleaf 1973 296 viewsUp the gulf, Kuwait..
Mike 2EO, Jerry Whitaker Eng Cadet and Eng Cadet UNK
1 commentsSC-UK08/05/21 at 20:33John Kingston: Other Engineer cadet looks like Rick Hudson, both ...
Wave Chief - 1972958 viewsWave Chief - 1972, Iceland areas with John Leaf.
Pic. from Mike Burley's collection.
3 commentsSC-UK12/15/16 at 19:51John Kingston: 'Curly' Bayliss? possibly in white jumpe...
Wave Chief - 1972.748 viewsWave Chief - 1972.
Names required.
3 commentsSC-UK12/15/16 at 19:43John Kingston: Mike Burley, 3O? 1973 after a run ashore in Inverg...
Wave Chief - 1972.665 viewsWave Chief - 1972.
Names required.
2 commentsSC-UK12/15/16 at 19:39John Kingston: Chris Collier 2EO on the right I believe. Could be...
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