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RFA Gold Rover MCR - 2007.894 views3 commentsSC-UK07/23/16 at 15:12finners: Not Black therefore must be Gold!
RFA Wave Knight, 2008.775 viewsAlicante during the Orion '08 deployment. L to R: Nick Cronin (3/O E), Martin Leake (2/O E), Dave Maginnis (Cadet E), Jon Paul Davis (3/O E), Alec Stevens (LSO), and cafe owner executing a perfectly timed photo bomb.2 commentsSC-UK01/26/16 at 19:50finners: Alec Stevens
Appleleaf Sembawang Christmas 1980 844 viewsR/O Howie Spencer , R/O Ian McNamee, Ch Eng Martin Ellam, 2/0 Trevor Hickmott , Choff Peter Moore.
7 commentsjumpercollins10/16/14 at 16:36finners: Howie Spencer on the left?
Green Rover, St Kitts-Nevis, September 1983.625 viewsHRH Princess Margaret meets Bosun Ray Cartwright & Carpenter Norman Fisher after a dinner prepared by Chief Cook Sonny West.
From Force 4 Spring 1984.
Other photos of the occasion here.
2 commentschoff09/13/14 at 19:49finners: A wonderful evening – Ray Cartwright made a small ...
Daywork Team Resurgent 1974/75767 viewsJerry Whittaker, Eric Hambling, Dickie Bird and Ian Finlayson1 commentschoff03/03/14 at 02:47finners: It was 74/75
1981 - Pearleaf Engineers - Mombasa735 viewsOn safari in 1981 near Mombasa - incl. Bob Stevens, Martin Leake, Ian Dunbar, 2EO D. Rosario, 4 commentsSC-UK10/27/13 at 14:49finners: Bob Stevens not Smith on left
Pearleaf 1976614 viewsPancho centre stage.
From Ian Thompson -->
3 commentschoff09/22/13 at 08:20finners: Peter Carr second from left, Bob Evans behind him?
4EO Phil Jones.819 viewsPearleaf 19764 commentschoff09/22/13 at 08:18finners: Phil Jones 4/E/O ?
Mel Whatmough & Maurice Mullins392 viewsKeith Preston & Chunky Black left, Geoff Davis on horn. Tarbatness 19773 commentschoff05/13/13 at 15:24finners: Might be Mike (chunky) Black 3/E/O behind winch br...
Blues Brothers Fort Grange 1986 854 viewsWe're on a mission from God!
Including Rod Marshall, Barry Thompson, Bob Roullier, Geoff Stokes, Jim Devine, Paul Minter, Alan Storey and Ian Simmonds .
5 commentschoff05/13/13 at 15:05finners: Ian Simmonds and Alan Storey on left back row? (No...
Sir Lancelot - Worbarrow Bay 1976392 viewsGil Overbury and C/O Tony Ashby + A.N.Other2 commentsNeilA05/13/13 at 14:53finners: Tony Ashby was Mate, relieved by John Chapman. I t...
John Shephard & Steve Norris605 viewsFort Grange
From Ian Thompson -->
2 commentschoff05/04/13 at 06:29finners: They were both Deck Officers. John Sheperd became ...
RFA Fosties in Roscoff549 viewsInlcuding Pat Malloy, Steve Dale, George Walton, Trevor Iles, Duncan Lamb, Steve Donkersley, Joe Richardson and Gordon Allen.
1998 ish
1 commentsALC203/17/13 at 16:29finners: Joe Richardson and Gordon Allen on the right
Fort Victoria 1998770 views2 commentschoff11/29/12 at 15:51finners: Sam Hoggarth second from right back row
3EO at work638 viewsAndy Ballantyne2 commentsTedeagling11/29/12 at 15:01finners: Andy Ballantyne?
A Leaf Boat in the Gulf886 views Stuart Peters. ....Mike Kitchen ... Eric Hambling, Roy Malkin, Bob Allan, ...4 commentschoff07/21/12 at 16:39finners: Roy Malkin third from right
Gold Rover 1982888 viewsRound the World trip with the Yacht
Mike Rogers, SRO(left) looking at camera
and me Mac McElroy, 1R/O(with beard) in the
middle. Rosemary & Nick Lowe.
6 commentsMac McElroy07/21/12 at 15:51finners: Jamie Murchie in the foreground left?
Fosties in Roscoff490 viewsJoe Richardson, Steve Dale, George the CPO(Yeoman) and SE fella Gordon Allen.1 commentsALC207/20/12 at 15:34finners: Gordon Allen is the SE
Warsash Management Course 1984812 viewsFrom Brian Ley9 commentschoff07/20/12 at 15:32finners: Bob Settle, second from right middle row
Fort Victoria SE Team 2008719 viewsAli Night, Bob Mitchell ... Phil Atherton?, Martin Seymour.3 commentschoff05/20/11 at 16:00finners: Phil Atherton? next to Martin Seymour
Cyril Davies, CEO Bob Stevens, Bob Gunn.816 viewsPercy MCR1 commentsdindanlo05/20/11 at 15:58finners: CEO looks like Bob Stevens
Resurgent 1975505 views& Dave Knapp1 commentschoff05/20/11 at 15:52finners: Dave Knapp in foreground - left after 1 trip
Black Rover off to a CTP453 viewsEric Hambling, Neville Wright, Alan Storey and ?1 commentschoff05/20/11 at 15:45finners: Alan Storey in glasses
Dave Vaughn & Jim Trunks467 views2 commentsdindanlo05/20/11 at 15:25finners: Is that Dave Vaughn on the left?
Craig McMillen, Dave Scott, Jim Devereux, Dickie Bird, Jake Sanders, Mike Davis.709 views(You are not allowed to say D**K in Comments!)3 commentschoff05/20/11 at 15:22finners: Craig McMillen far left - leckie, far right Mike D...
Resurgent Danger Island 1975671 viewsBack -Jerry Whittaker, Dave Scott, Dave Knapp
Centre - ?, Jake Sanders, Martin Seymour
Front - Frank Ash & ? .
4 commentschoff05/20/11 at 15:20finners: Far left - Jerry Whittaker, Far right back row Dav...
Refreshments at the Wedding of Frank Ash460 viewsJerry Whittaker, Rory McRea, Ian Finlayson and Rory's sister.1 commentschoff05/20/11 at 15:13finners: Jerry Whittaker on the left, Rory McRea with arm i...
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