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STON Officers RFA Regent 553 views3 commentschoff01/14/20 at 11:53candjharvey: back row Sandie Brodie , George Kindness,SOGD VS,J...
RFA Regent Top of the rock race379 views inc Sandy Brodie 2 commentschoff01/14/20 at 11:49candjharvey: front kneeling - SOGC Derek Harris - fit as a butc...
RFA Regent - 1992611 viewsAckerman, Neesham, ?, Norris, McGregor, Cruddas, Tam, Scott1 commentsSC-UK04/02/19 at 11:35candjharvey: 3rd left Alan Scott Fitter?
RFA Regent - 1987449 viewsPaul, Keiran and Neil. 2 commentsSC-UK04/28/18 at 16:43candjharvey: Left of Pix SODG (VS) Paul Wood i think - must be ...
RFA Regent - 1987427 viewsDecember 1987, incl John Cheshire -AO3 VS & Mark Taylor AO2 NS2 commentsSC-UK04/28/18 at 16:42candjharvey: 3x AOs RFA REGENT 87/88 Tom Marchbanks AO1 , AO3 (...
RFA Regent - 1987411 viewsJohn Cheshire, Tom Marchbanks A01, Mark Taylor (as at 2018: living in WA?)
3 commentsSC-UK04/28/18 at 16:24candjharvey: pretty sure middle to Tom Marchbanks A01 , right i...
?, Tom Morris, ?, Sandy Brodie, George Kindness and George Noden 429 views2 commentschoff03/16/17 at 20:51candjharvey: bottom left AO3 Colin Smith, middle back row AO2 J...
Sandie Brody, Bob Harris, Colin Smith and George Kindness 404 viewsRFA Regent2 commentschoff06/08/14 at 15:31candjharvey: AO Air Stores/Victualling Colin Smith
Chris Harvey LightJackstay transfer from RFA Regent 307 views1 commentschoff06/08/14 at 15:29candjharvey: AO (AS) Chris Harvey LightJackstay transfer from R...
Chris Saunderson, Colin Smith and Bob Harris 257 viewsRFA Regent2 commentschoff05/29/11 at 07:16candjharvey: AO Colin SMith
Sandy Brodie and Colin Smith 265 views2 commentschoff05/29/11 at 07:16candjharvey: AO Colin Smith
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