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201 viewsThe 2021 RFAA Plymouth and District Branch Apres Lunch photo. Fully COVID compliant of course. SC-UKDec 20, 2021
Pearleaf 1978485 viewsL-R -
? Gary Wilson 2/O Ed Durkin 3/O ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Martin Seymour R/O CEO(?) ?
SC-UKDec 07, 2020
Pearleaf 1978286 viewsAt Seaton Delaval Hall for a medieval banquet when the ship was at Wallsend Slipshod.
L-R -
? ? ? Martin Seymour R/O ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Ed Durkin 3/O E/O(?) and his wife.
SC-UKDec 07, 2020
The Order of SEMPOSS339 viewsNames & more info requested.SC-UKOct 15, 2020
The Order of SEMPOSS292 viewsNames & more info requested.SC-UKOct 15, 2020
The Order of SEMPOSS283 viewsNames & more info requested.SC-UKOct 15, 2020
The Order of SEMPOSS263 viewsNames & more info requested.SC-UKOct 15, 2020
The Order of SEMPOSS247 viewsNames & more info requested.SC-UKOct 15, 2020
RFA Lyness ~1967398 views... found in an old booklet by Kenneth A Shirra.

Kenneth recalls: "One thing I remember when this photograph was taken... we had little notice of it being taken and I was having trouble rounding up the catering staff to go to the flight deck for the photograph. At the last minute I arrived myself but left my PO’s cap in my cabin."

Kenneth is on the STBD side, 1 back from 8th/9th in front row - white shirt & without the cap - under the crane.
SC-UKOct 06, 2020
Tidereach Indian Ocean 1965391 viewsRoger Blackman JEO about to be dunked, Bob Gilston 3EO in black shorts, Roger Simms 2Off pointing and Jonno Nicholls Elec Off at far left1 commentsgiglampsApr 27, 2020
245 viewsTidereach Singapore 1965
Geoff Worham JEO & Phil Roberts 2nd Off
giglampsApr 27, 2020
Westminster Abbey 2017398 viewsCPO(E) ?
1/O(X) Jonathan Church
Church-JOct 19, 2019
Fort Grange - Cairo 1995377 viewsTaken in a pyramid with Ian Nicholson, John Cooper STON Dept, Martin Ball MM, Chris Inker, ? Deck Dept.SC-UKSep 05, 2019
Resurgent 1964636 viewsTaken at Ascension in Autumn 1964. Captain Alastair Gibson in command.

Phot: L to R Cadet David Gerrard (not confirmed), 3/0 Brian Ditcher, Junior Lecky (name uncertain), Diana Coleman (in green), Junior Engineer Graham Sedgwick, Junior Engineer "Bomber" Harris. Far right possibly 3/0 Rowan Harvey.

Tnx to Diana Hayden for sharing.
SC-UKMay 14, 2019
RFA Fort Austin 1998 - 1999480 viewsAlex Goodwin, Sebastian Brunsden-Brown Lt Pilot Embarked Flight, Matt PerrySC-UKApr 26, 2019
RFA Gold Rover Team, 2004 in the Falklands (Fitzroy).585 views(R-L). RFA SG1 David Knight, RN Exchange unknown, CEO Dave Hall, MEO Roger Parnell, SEO Chris McLean, RFA SR Unknown, 2/O (E) P Denoual, PO(MT) Les Yeomans, Capt.S.Jones OBE, RFA CR Jo Clark.

? UNK Sarginson ?

Tnx. to Roger Parnell for this phot.
SC-UKJan 27, 2019
RFA Warden ~ 1962545 viewsRFA Warden, Christmas - probably 1962 taken by John Hargreaves (Chief Officer). Pic includes the Chief Engineer Dicky Daw, Capt Frank Murray, standing First Officer and two engineers, names forgotten. Maybe you can tell us?SC-UKSep 10, 2018
Stromness - April 1982637 viewsPic taken prior to departure early April '82 by unit phot LA Fitzpatrick RN in Stromness.
On the left is RFA Capt Barry Dickinson then Lt Col Andrew Whitehead RM, CO of 45 Cdo RM.

6th from left in boiler suit looks like Mike Partington Deck Cadet.
9th from left 'VBRS' - Vernon Ramsey-Smith Second Officer.

Possibly also Bernard Mennell <TBC>.

Photo shows RAS(Toys) of a large number of games, videos, VCR's etc to the embarked force following a collection by the dockyard workers at Pompey. Presented by Peter Bryant STO(N).

Very gratefully received and fully utilised over the next couple of months.

Pic. shared with RFANostalgia by 45CdoRm Falklands War Photo Collection via Clive Pattle.
Tnx to Alastair MacFarlane for suggesting some of the names.
SC-UKApr 21, 2018
incl. Chris Dale - RFA Stromness - 1969586 viewsRFA Stromness (A344) Subic Bay December 1969: 2/O, 4/E, Junior R/O and Chris Dale 3/O.SC-UKApr 02, 2018
incl. Chris Dale - RFA Stromness - 1969545 viewsRFA Stromness (A344) Subic Bay December 1969: 2/O, 4/E, Junior R/O, Chris Dale 3/O.SC-UKApr 02, 2018
RFA Officers Course - 1962634 viewsRFA Officers Course - 1962SC-UKMar 06, 2018
The Janners1102 viewsRegent Crew Bar, 1970s ?
Please offer names, date, location, event etc. if you have info. or if you know the current whereabouts of anyone. Thanks.
On the drums: John McKail
2 commentsSC-UKDec 07, 2017
RFA Olwen -1994839 viewsRFA Olwen, Trieste, 1994
Pic: D.Lumsden.
SC-UKOct 16, 2017
RFA Fort Grange - 1986895 viewsRFA Fort Grange, Global 86, “Lost Monday” (Pic from D.Lumsden).SC-UKOct 16, 2017
Fort Grange915 viewsRFA Fort Grange, Captain James Foster “Gentleman Jim” plays First Sea Lord in Sods opera (Pic from D.Lumsden).2 commentsSC-UKOct 16, 2017
RFA Fort Grange 1986.677 viewsRFA Fort Grange, Global 86, Sods Opera, “Lost Monday”.SC-UKOct 16, 2017
RFA Diligence Cricket Team v Seven Seas, Dubai 2011628 viewsRFA Diligence cricket team v Seven Seas, Dubai 2011 (Pic: D Lumsden)SC-UKOct 16, 2017
RFA Engadine ~1968 / 1969675 viewsRFA Engadine football team, taken sometime between February 1968 and August 1969.
Back L to R:- John Wilkins - ? - Mike Ford - ? - Dave MacKenzie - Frank North.

Picture contribution: Frank North, 2017.
SC-UKOct 01, 2017
Singapore 1971 - NAMES REQUIRED793 viewsSC-UKSep 04, 2017
Singapore 1970 - NAME REQUIRED670 viewsSingapore 1970 - NAME REQUIREDSC-UKSep 04, 2017
Olmeda, July 1968, RPC for someone's birthday.946 viewsNames not remembered.1 commentsReg BarrettJun 18, 2017
Pearleaf Bar749 viewsTedeaglingFeb 21, 2017
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