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Mike Otway Sadly Departed500 viewsandyscookeJun 25, 2018
When LSO Luncheons were couth622 viewsWhen LSO Luncheons were couth;
Iain Goodchild, Martin Jones, John (Tommo) Thompson, Capt John Hood, Ed Read, Mrs Norsworthy
Geoff Norsworthy, Alex Cook, Bobby Milne, Katherine Moggarch, Andy Cooke
andyscookeNov 08, 2012
Stu Peters and Paul Burrows1401 viewsStu Peters and Paul Burrows - a quiet run ashore beckonsandyscookeNov 08, 2012
John Sinclair Andy Cooke Bill Curtis647 viewsJohn Sinclair Andy Cooke Bill Curtis1 commentsandyscookeNov 08, 2012
John Cook John Burrows Bob Nichols490 viewsJohn Cook John Burrows Bob Nichols in Sierra LeonneandyscookeNov 08, 2012
Greg Spencer Cpt Seymour Jim Abbott Andy Cooke633 viewsPensive in Pensicola - Greg Spencer Cpt Seymour Jim Abbott and Andy CookeandyscookeNov 08, 2012
Don Davis leaving do476 viewsDon Davies leaving do with Maurice Mann, Rod Dellar, Don Davies and Gordon Gibb andyscookeNov 08, 2012
Dean Gallini meets Magellan451 viewsDean Gallini meets Magellan - the first installation afloat in RFA OakleafandyscookeNov 08, 2012
David Gatenby450 viewsDavid Gatenby in celebratory modeandyscookeNov 08, 2012
Bobby Milne Geoff Norsworthy Andy Cooke478 viewsBobby Milne Geoff Norsworthy Andy Cooke enjoying Christmas lunchandyscookeNov 08, 2012
Alex Cook Ed Read Katherine Moggarch John Tompson Iain Goodchild1030 viewsAlex Cook Ed Read Katherine Moggarch John Tompson Iain Goodchild enjoying christmas lunchandyscookeNov 08, 2012
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