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BullDog Bar Gibraltar High street.712 viewsLarry Dwyer and Stan the man, taken in the bull dog bar at Gibraltar prior to the tour in the Gulf with a minesweeper Squadron just after the Gulf War one.anchorclankerSep 19, 2016
SG2 John Mann RFA Grey Rover 1997.671 viewsThis is John Man, his first trip within the RFA Service. A man who I understood very well and got a long with.Willing to learn a seamanship skills. anchorclankerDec 29, 2014
RFA Argus visits Mayport USA 2006633 viewsRFA Argus Visited Mayport USA in 2006. SG1B John Sneddon seen here at the helm of the carrier JFK. Many of the ships company took the opportunity to visit this fine nostalgic carrier. anchorclankerDec 29, 2014
RFA Grey Rover Flakland Islands 1997. 625 viewsLarry Dwyer and Jimmy Shearer...enjoying a few scoops in the MPA recreational centre.
"Steady those legs Jimmy"
anchorclankerDec 29, 2014
613 viewsSG1A Harry Daddy, broke his toe when a 45 gallon oil drum dropped on his toe. An unfortunate accident as the barrel rim dropped on to his DMS (Dems My Shores) boots just behind the steel protector (Sods Law) I had the pleasure of driving Harry all the way from the MPA to Port Stanly main hospital. A very comical man with dry sense of humor, a guy well liked by all. Sadly Harry is no longer with us. anchorclankerDec 29, 2014
RFA Wave Knight 2010. Falkland Islands.738 viewsPOD Larry Dwyer and SG1B Andy Newcombe. Andy was part of the 36ft work boat crew with myself and Clair Mitchel.
task to do shore runs in the Falklands. Andy had the very first opportunity to coxswain the boat since he first acquired his ticket. He was a great guy to have in the deck team.
anchorclankerDec 29, 2014
RFA Wave Knight 2010. Falkland Islands.596 viewsSG1B. Clair Mitchel and POD Larry Dwyer. Clair is a really great girl to have as part of the deck team. Willing to learn seamanship tasks. She handled the 36ft work boat well during the shore runs in the Falkland Islands.anchorclankerDec 29, 2014
635 viewsCPOSA Gary Edney on-board RFA Wave Ruler, at South Georgia,Falkland Islands October-November 2011.

Note the ice berg in the back ground the shape resemble a stealth fast attack ship or submarine.
anchorclankerDec 08, 2014
Shipwright Tom Fisher receives a retirement gift from Captain is Phil Hanton. Ft. Rosalie October-November 2011.964 viewsTom is possibly one of the last shipwrights in the RFA service. He had a very good send off from all the crew. He restrained from withholding the tears. Nothing was to great or to small for Tom to fix. He had a dry sense of humor a well like chippy.

Sadly RFA no longer employs these skilled personnel.
anchorclankerMay 10, 2014
Tidepool 1971595 viewsThe Tidepool was on a Far East tour taking in South Africa, Singapore, Australia and Brazil.
We were to accompany H.M.S. Triumph deport repair ship home when the navy finaly left Sembawang naval base in 1971. A big steam past of all naval ships. From there we headed off to Australia.
Lower Picture Ab’s Andy Walker, J.P. Welch and Jimmy Nunan.
1 commentsanchorclankerApr 11, 2014
Mr. Len Fergurson.423 viewsLen Furgerson. Arctic convoy and Falklands Veteran.
Not a lot of people know this, Len also served in the RFA during the Falklands conflict of 1982. He has just recently received his Arctic Star medal which is not shown as yet. He awaits his Russian Ushakov Medal for bravery.
Lens Falklands medal can just be seen top row second from right.
anchorclankerApr 08, 2014
RFA Engadine Deck crew of 1975.561 viewsLarry Dwyer and deck crew RFA Engadine 1975.Taken at Canada at Nanaimo. Engadine first long haul overseas voyage. Testing the Ikara Missile in company of H.M.S Leander at the time. anchorclankerApr 08, 2014
Enjoyin the delights at the Bull Dog bar.1980606 viewsLarry Dwyer and Stanly Sotthard enjoying a pint at the Bull Dog bar in Gibraltar high Street. A welcome stop off before our journey through the Suez Canal to the Gulf region.anchorclankerApr 08, 2014
RFA Diligence in the Gulf 1990. 1312 viewsLifeboat familiarization for SG2 Gorden Leckie anchorclankerFeb 10, 2014
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