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Wave Master 1962 Hong Kong503 viewsDeck Cadet Ian McKie and Eng Cadet Bob GilstonBobGilstonMay 26, 2015
Wave Master Aug 1962 Singapore600 viewsBack row: Peter Nelson, Dave Lawrence, Jasper Osborne-Cribb, Stan Armstrong, Denny Maidlow, Bob Gilston
Middle: Ron Tozer, Jimmy Jackson, Capt Waters, Bob Liston, Les Wilkie
Front: Ned Kelly, Peter Flight, Taffy ???, ?????
BobGilstonMay 26, 2015
Wave Master Noon Position877 views2nd Off Dave Lawrence and 3rd Off Peter Nelson2 commentsBobGilstonMay 26, 2015
Tiderereach 1965547 views3rd Eng Bob Gilston and 2nd Eng Pat FlemingBobGilstonMay 26, 2015
Dayworkers Tidereach 1965612 viewsL to R: Junr Geoff Worham, 3rd Eng Bob Gilston, Junrs Roger Blackman and Robin HarveyBobGilstonMay 26, 2015
Dayworkers Tidereach 1965558 viewsl to r: Junrs Robin Harvey, Geoff Worham, Roger Blackman, 2nd Eng Pat Fleming, 3rd Eng Bob GilstonBobGilstonMay 26, 2015
Bob Gilston & Mike Jamieson528 viewsCadet Jamie cutting hair for 3rd Eng Bob Gilston - Tidereach 1965BobGilstonMay 26, 2015
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