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Last additions - giglamps
Connell House, Singapore174 viewsGood stopover en route to Hong KonggiglampsApr 27, 2020
Tidereach Indian Ocean 1964192 viewsRoger Blackman JEO arriving back from HMS CentaurgiglampsApr 27, 2020
Tidereach Indian Ocean 1964177 viewsRoger Blackman JEO rejoining Tidereach from HMS CentaurgiglampsApr 27, 2020
Tidereach Indian Ocean 1965264 viewsRoger Blackman JEO about to be dunked, Bob Gilston 3EO in black shorts, Roger Simms 2Off pointing and Jonno Nicholls Elec Off at far left1 commentsgiglampsApr 27, 2020
156 viewsTidereach Singapore 1965
Geoff Worham JEO & Phil Roberts 2nd Off
giglampsApr 27, 2020
Tidesurge 1966745 viewsGUESS: Ray Phillips JEO on the left and maybe Mike Mission (Kiwi) 3rd Eng.1 commentsgiglampsFeb 09, 2016
Tidereach 1965602 viewsGeoff Worham JEO, Phil Roberts 2nd Off, Roger Blackman JEO, Robin Harvey JEO
Singapore 1965
giglampsFeb 09, 2016
Tidereach 19651111 viewsjust off to 10 course Chinese lunch - Singapore
Geoff Worham JEO, Robin Harvey JEO, Bob Gilston 3rd EO, Dave Harvey? 3rd EO, Sandy Mitchell Elec O, ? Cadet, Roger Blackman JEO
3 commentsgiglampsFeb 09, 2016
Tidereach 1965556 viewsRobin Harvey, Geoff Worham, Roger Blackman all JEO's
After watch in air conditioned control room
giglampsFeb 09, 2016
Tidereach 1965724 viewsPhil Roberts 2nd Off, Roger Blackman JEO, Geoff Worham JEO
Note Old Master on door behind
2 commentsgiglampsFeb 08, 2016
BMH Nurses Tidereach 1965, Singapore1025 viewsRoger Simms 2nd Off, Terry ? 3rd EO, Roger Blackman JEO, Bob Gilston 3rd EO, RHS: Mike Jameson Eng Cadet.3 commentsgiglampsFeb 08, 2016
Tidesurge 1966753 views? JEO, Peter Gordon JEO, Roger Blackman 4th EO2 commentsgiglampsFeb 08, 2016
Tiger Balm Gardens, Singapore 1964636 viewsRichard Leonard JRO, Rab Thomson RO, Robin Harvey JEO - Tidereach2 commentsgiglampsFeb 08, 2016
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