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Tidereach 19651987 viewsPress Gallery & Band1 commentschoff
Motormen and AB1850 views? (looks like Taffy Farram, MM1 Lee Haford and SG1A Eing Stothard. Pic late 80s early 90s2 commentsMick Spear
Pirates1641 viewsRupert Drew, Peter Taylor and Cdre Rob DoreyALC2
Stromness 19771355 viewsDavid Easterbrook in top hatchoff
Don Davies, Brian Waters, Izzy Nazroo.1349 viewsHorse racing night on Sir Geraint in Ascension, October/ November 1982. 1 commentschoff
Lampuki for Lunch1215 viewsFort Constantine 1962choff
Keith Truscott, HRH, Andy Armstrong.1196 viewschoff
Brown Ranger 19641190 viewsCapt J. Gullesarian, Dave Pursall and ?1 commentschoff
BMH Nurses Tidereach 1965, Singapore1153 viewsRoger Simms 2nd Off, Terry ? 3rd EO, Roger Blackman JEO, Bob Gilston 3rd EO, RHS: Mike Jameson Eng Cadet.3 commentsgiglamps
Blue Ranger Suez 19561107 viewschoff
The Janners1102 viewsRegent Crew Bar, 1970s ?
Please offer names, date, location, event etc. if you have info. or if you know the current whereabouts of anyone. Thanks.
On the drums: John McKail
2 commentsSC-UK
Fort Austin July 19791065 viewsFront row L-R Bill Jenkins, Steve Hodgson, John Austin, Ricky Johnson, Don Averill, Tom Humphries, Vince Nugent, Keith Thompson, Fred Barnes, Maurice Mann, Bob Pacey,
Middle Row L-R Keith May SOG 'D', Ernie Marriott, Bob Cook(Armament Clerical Officer (RiP)), Tony Gascoigne, Peter Stock, Andy Stirling, Ron Hoole, Jamie Muchie, Rory McCray, Ian Doolan, Ian Thompson, Martin Glannville, Mike Day, Roger Bowen, Bill Mackenzie, Jim Wood,
Back Row L-R Chris Saunderson, Mike McEllihinney, Colin Welsby, Des Rodgers, Nick Cole, Graham Swinnerton, Steve Walker, Mike Ainley, Andy Crawford, Jerry Hodge, Stuart Needham, Tom Wallace, John Cook, Alan Malpas, Robin Jones.
6 commentschoff
Retainer - 1964982 viewsJoe Woodall J/RO, Dennis Brown J/E, Mike Jamieson, Retainer 19641 commentsSC-UK
Stromness - 1982 980 viewsStromness - 1982
Return to Portsmouth.
Pic. from Steve Balmond.
2 commentsSC-UK
Gold Rover 1982971 viewsRound the World trip with the Yacht
Mike Rogers, SRO(left) looking at camera
and me Mac McElroy, 1R/O(with beard) in the
middle. Rosemary & Nick Lowe.
6 commentsMac McElroy
RFA Retainer, Concord California, Jan1975 with Barry Hayes (JRO), Andy Armstrong (3rd Mate), Barry Dixon (Deck Cadet) & Howard Spencer (JRO)953 views2 commentsSC-UK
The Butterworths & Ian Finlayson946 viewsResurgent 1975finners
Olmeda, July 1968, RPC for someone's birthday.946 viewsNames not remembered.1 commentsReg Barrett
Captains Lamb and DRew939 views@ The National ArboretumALC2
Geraint or Galahad Vancouver930 viewsBob Still, Ted Eagling, Martin Bunker3 commentsTedeagling
Springbok House July 13 929 viewsHanding over the bi annual RFA CBF cheque to Care Ashore trustees.2 commentsALC2
Appleleaf Sembawang Christmas 1980 925 viewsR/O Howie Spencer , R/O Ian McNamee, Ch Eng Martin Ellam, 2/0 Trevor Hickmott , Choff Peter Moore.
7 commentsjumpercollins
Tidesurge - 1966 - 1967922 viewsL to R top RonHamlyn 2/O, Peter Peterson 2/O Ned Burke C/E, Peter Gordon 4/E, Maurice Mann Sen/Scribe
L to R bot John Armstrong C/O, Ian Douglas J/RO, Mike Cramp J/Elec, Mike Jamieson J/E

Tidesurge 66-67
1 commentsSC-UK
Tidereach 1965 917 viewsAlec Forsyth, Maxie Clements and ...1 commentschoff
Fort Grange915 viewsRFA Fort Grange, Captain James Foster “Gentleman Jim” plays First Sea Lord in Sods opera (Pic from D.Lumsden).2 commentsSC-UK
A Leaf Boat in the Gulf913 views Stuart Peters. ....Mike Kitchen ... Eric Hambling, Roy Malkin, Bob Allan, ...4 commentschoff
RFA Appleleaf Football Team. Gosport 1986. 912 viewsSecond from left. Andy Straw. Comms Harry Hair in the green top.STRAWBERRY
Fort Grange908 viewsFlight deck fancy dress parade, early '80s maybe?2 commentsTedeagling
Blues Brothers Fort Grange 1986 905 viewsWe're on a mission from God!
Including Rod Marshall, Barry Thompson, Bob Roullier, Geoff Stokes, Jim Devine, Paul Minter, Alan Storey and Ian Simmonds .
5 commentschoff
Wave Chief904 viewsWave Chief in Falklands 1973. Naval Party 8901 visiting.
Captain Hugo and Mrs Nelberg with CEO Norman Bothwell
Rab Thomson R/O and Andy Sinclair 3rd Eng.
7 commentsKing Ratt
RFA Fort Grange - 1986895 viewsRFA Fort Grange, Global 86, “Lost Monday” (Pic from D.Lumsden).SC-UK
John McKee and Ron Savage889 viewsRFA Resurgent 1978 4 commentschoff
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